Posting Images?


I’d imagine with WP integration, there should be a way that users can post images in comments, right? Is CHU self-hosted or a site?


You can import images here on the forum to display or link to them and they will display like on the main wordpress site.

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And just so others know, we do prefer links to images if possible. So be kind when uploading images, every image adds to storage that CHU pays for. :wink:

But please do share images, if you have to upload, you have to upload. But over time, there may be a time we clean up old images so don’t be alarmed if your post from 21 years ago loses it’s image… :wink:


Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out how to post images on here, since I never could on the main site.

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Just click reply or new topic and in the WYSIWYG menu option, click on the upload image to upload images. They are limited to 1MB in size though. Anything bigger you’ll want to link to another site that’s hosting it.


Ok, let me try. 1147fe4e-fb80-45a5-b4cb-085510c6dc98


Wow !!! That was really easy.


You can quote.

You can do private messages as well.

It’s hopefully gonna open up the community for sure. At least that’s the goal. :slight_smile:


You forgot to mention the best part, it comes with an Edit Button shaped like a pencil!!!


Am I missing something? Heres me posting an image… or maybe I’m just very late to this discussion lol…
If not then posting this GIF was very easy for me. (and that’s saying a lot!)…from a tablet too. I hope this is alright…


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