Poyo's FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 02/01/2021

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

Image sent out a press release about Donny Cates Crossover #4, which a new crossover character making it’s way into his new title and they apparently make it on the Variant B cover.

Now we all know Cates mentioned #3 and Crossover #6 (now available for pre-order) were gonna get big so maybe this is Image pushing the hype train now since Cates has gone a little less key it seems on Twitter.

Either way, love him or hate him, you know there’s a little bit of curiosity of who’s going to appear right? These might be big exciting cameo’s for some but not so much for me but don’t let that fool you, I’m still enjoying the story so far. I don’t have to be a Madman fan to enjoy the overall story.

Crossover #4 is on FOC and they’re not spoiling the surprise for the Variant B as of yet…

Crossover #4 (Cover B Allred Variant)

There’s another Image title I’ve had my eye on that’s finally on FOC called Two Moons.

I actually got the pleasure to read this one already and I must say, it’s kind of weird, not your typical Civil War book. It’s got my interest to read the second issue.

Two Moons #1 (Cover A - Giangiordano)

Daredevil #25 (3rd Printing) is the same as the 2nd print but black & white. I actually like this but I don’t anticipate too much heat for this round. The only reason that happens this time is if retailers are still trying to offload the 2nd prints, skip this 3rd and FOMO kicks in when people can’t find a copy and start paying marked up secondary prices that create chaos that makes the prices go up even further until they drop again after the FOMO wears off…

Another surprise hit that landed last weeks gets a second printing.

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #7 (2nd Printing)

No cover art yet, at least from Previews/Diamond. I have yet to search the webs though if it’s been published somewhere.

I don’t expect this to heat up but ya never know right goes to Marvels Voices Legacy #1 and particularly the Coipel Variant, which is just an awesome looking cover of Miles.


The one that has the 1:1000… I’m picking up a copy just to see if it’s really that good to see if it’s actually worthy enough for BOOM! to spend all those extra time and resources to go the distance in getting retailers to try and buy 1000 copies so they can get a limited Keanu Reeves signed 1:1000 variant.

Brzrkr #1 from BOOM! ladies and gentlemen is on FOC.

Suprisingly, seems some retailers (or diamond account holders) are budging as there’s already around 20 listings on eBay at the moment. All prices starting around the 2k mark and up (9 have actually sold so far)… I don’t know about the rest of you but 2k for a signed modern book, meh, I could buy a really decent WWBN #32 for that amount of money…

Brzrkr #1 (Cover A - Grampa)


Has a Dr. Aphra book ever had a 2nd print? I gotta look this up. Could be a sleeper.

Will also look at one of my copies to guess what the cover might be…

If not, will CGC put that on the label? “1st time Aphra got 2nd Printing Variant”


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Yeah, that Miles cover is pretty sweet. I think I’m nabbing one for the cover, but I also really like supporting this kind of output by Marvel/any other publisher (supporting creators and projects that expand the kinds of stories told, etc.).


Aphra 2nd print is gonna be a sleeper it posted yesterday on Unknowncomics no pic yet and none of the usual have mentioned it yet. The slow creep towards Mon w/o mention might help.

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It’s now been mentioned… by me… I’m the first… I’m special… it’s my spec, anyone else who mentions it is just copying me…


Confirmed. 1st appearance of an Aphra Title 2nd print.

Of course, now that we’ve all drawn attention to it spec is dead…:wink:

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Its lit.

Well, this is a comic book site that talks about spec… maybe we should just shut it down, keep to ourselves. Or maybe we make people pay for our spec? Better yet, how about I make you all pay for my spec but I won’t tell you until after FOC so then you have to buy the books I loaded up on afterwards like BS at FACTS does? :wink:


Partner (but not partner with) with notaffiliatedwithCHUexclusivecomiccoversheatingup.net to come out with an exclusive cover that you talk up incessantly.

The other thing to be careful about with this book from a speculation stand point is that it is 100% returnable. There are a lot of retailers out there who abuse this policy and order huge numbers to get incentives. This could make for a huge print run. The story sounds interesting though!


Yup, order 1000, get the 1:1000, return the rest after you make the sale. The problem with this is when they say returnable, they should make the incentives returnable as well. Say, you order 1000 of them, sell 100 of them and you want to return 900 of them, you no longer qualify for the 1:1000 so you have to return it as well. Oh, you sold that? You can’t return any of them now. It’s all or nothing I say.


I agree, or just make it so if you purchase an incentive, you can no longer return the amount of copies required for that incentive. That way if you buy 1005 copies + the 1:1000, you can only return 5 copies. Boom and some of the other smaller publishers did retailers a great service with this returnability program, but I feel like it is already abused way too much. I can not believe though they would do it with a comic that has a 1:1000 incentive.

That Coipel variant looks cool af :fire:


Man, your buttons are too easy to push! :joy:

I’ve been pretty sassy lately… since you know his face been stalking me… :wink:

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BRZRKR #1 allegedly has orders over 150,000.

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Ooooh! Collectible!

150 of them now? meh, I’ll pass now…

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I want it to be this:

It’ll be this though: