Poyo's FOC Highlight Books for Last Call 02/08/2021

FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

If you frequent the forums, Anthony did a post about Non-Stop Spider-Man with some potential spec within of the new character, Spirit Spider (first actually appearing in Incredible Hulks Annual #1 from 2011 as Ghost Spider).

So finally after what I think is a year with delays, Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 is finally hitting store shelves the first week of March. It’s a book based on the PS Game. These stories have been much more entertaining than the current flagship title Amazing Spider-Man if you ask me. The only thing good that’s come out of the 50 something issues so far is the really cool Gleason Cover for ASM #55.

Might be a nice pickup if the character takes off. Lots of covers, so choose wisely… and if you can’t choose wisely, Always Bet On Cover A!

Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Bachalo Wrpad Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Alex Ross Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Young Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Laroque Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Artist a Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Blank Variant)
Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 (Die Cut Variant)

Non-Stop Spider-Man #1
For you America Chavez fans out there, her new 5 issue series kicks off soon and the first issue America Chavez Made in the USA #1 is on FOC this Monday. There’s a Hans variant but something doesn’t sit right with her face I think. I’d go with Cover A or the Yoon Variant.

America Chavez Made in Usa #1 (of 5) (Hans Variant)
America Chavez Made in Usa #1 (of 5) (Yoon Variant)

America Chavez Made in Usa #1 (of 5)
Some more Marvel mentions goes to Avengers #43 that could hold some surprises with it’s current Phoenix story arc.

Also Momoko’s debut in writing with Demon Days X-Men #1 is on FOC. She’s also doing the interior art as well.

All the Star Wars FOC books:

Star Wars High Republic #2 Variant (2nd Printing) should be on most Star Wars fans list. You can still find the first printing available so there’s good chance a lot of retailers won’t buy copies of the second printing if they haven’t moved all their shelf copies yet.

Star Wars High Republic #3 and Star Wars High Republic Adventures #2 is also on FOC this Monday the 8th.

Proctor Valley Road #1 is a new BOOM book that has some potential. Grant Morrison rarely disappoints.

Proctor Valley Road #1 (Cover B - Wildgoose)

Proctor Valley Road #1 (Cover A - Franquiz)

Cult of Dracula #1 is a new Source Point Press book that I believe was already optioned. Lots of covers for this one, mainly store exclusives and such. Still might not be a bad pickup if it ever does become more than just a comic.

That’s it for my highlight FOC books this week. There’s a few more but then it just turns into too big of a list when I try to really narrow down the highlights.


Been on the fence for America Chavez.

That is THE best cover for Chavez
… those other ones are God awful. Cult of Dracula sounds interesting. Spider-man is a grab for me even if it’s a dud I’m duty bound to give it a try…lol.

I do admit, the Spider-Man books based on the video games have been way better than Amazing Spider-Man from Spencer…

Not sure if much spec is there but it’s definitely the best of the Chavez covers.

Yeah. The Yoon is okay but when you do zoom in on her face on that one, something isn’t completely right about it either.

Cover A is definitely the best.

Actually pretty excited for proctor valley.

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Oh and for some reason, I’m a sucker for blank Spider-Man books. I pre-ordered 5 of them. I really do need to get them all out and do some Spidey Sketches on them…

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Speaking of FOC, is anyone else having trouble accessing the FOC link that TFAW sends out in an email?

Have they shown the 1:25 variant for America? I managed to pre-order it cause I love Elizabeth Torque

Demon Days could be something amazing, and all the covers I have seen are pretty special.