Poyo's Goodbye eBay $1 Auction Blowout Sale

Alright, I posted my Star Wars listings earlier today, most starting as auctions but I’ve been listing a crap ton of books to do an end of year, “So Long and Goodbye eBay” $1 Starting Auction Blowout Sale, as come end of year, I’m likely no longer selling off eBay due to them forcing sellers to their payment system.

You can view all my 7 day auction listings here. Of course if you see something you like and wanna deal offline, let me know before there’s any bids to end the auctions.

Some highlights are the Mace Windu #5, Rogue One #1, Spider-Gwen #1 first prints, some early Rick & Morty issues, Invincible Iron Man featuring Ironheart #1 first prints, Dell Otto Marvel ratio variants…

Keep checking back as I’ll be trying to list throughout the rest of the day and maybe tomorrow as well.

If you like TMNT, I’ve listed a bunch and got some more I’m adding. Including some IDW lots of random issues that include the RI 1:10 variants.

Same link as before to view all my 7 day auction listings here that includes the TMNT lots.

Poyo’s doing blowout sales? Christmas came early!

How much for one of them ironheart #1 that aren’t bid on yet?

I have a feeling you’ll still be selling on eBay. I felt the same about quitting eBay but I’m going to stick around. I mean it’s the go to spot for a lot of customers and there’s really no competition.

PM Me.

Nope, not going to do it. I’m sticking to my guns. I said I’d never buy from MCS again and I haven’t since, it’s been like 5 years or so.

I said the same about them years ago and stuck with it for a decade. I’m now buying from them regularly with no issues. They must know I’m a newsstand collector because they sometimes include the newsstand versions instead of the directs on the late Marvel Newsstands.

Did you guys see my suggestion about calling if you ever sell some stuff in categories that will be restricted from managed payments? You sell enough coin or paper money, or adult stuff, you can avoid leaving PayPal come January 1st, I think. I called and asked and they said I’d be clear thanks to the nudie comics I sell…

I’ve been thinking about selling adult toys as a side business… hmmm… :wink:

I’m pretty stubborn and stick to my principles. I don’t shop at Wal-Mart and many other places due to self principles of not wanting to support certain businesses.

If they start allowing paypal or other methods of payments, I’ll come back but I have zero desire to switch. So I’m out, goodbye eBay selling, well, until the end of the year… (I’ll still buy from time to time)…

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Are you giving up selling for the time being, or doing Mercari or something?

What is your objection to the payment system? Just curious. I haven’t even noticed it, but then again I barely sell anymore.

Shoot, I’ll just sell directly here on the forums For Sale and Trading category… :wink:

  1. Don’t want eBay having direct access to my bank accounts.
  2. Don’t want to wait 3-5 days for payments to get deposited.
  3. Paypal was my paywall to separate fun money from selling and buying comics from salary/main banking accounts.
  4. Don’t want to open a bank account separate from main account just to have eBay deposit there.
  5. eBay customer service is pretty horrid most of the time I’ve dealt with it, I can only see them taking on payments their call times will go up and their overall service level will drop in value.
  6. Overall, tired of the fees anyways… switching isn’t going to save me money, it’s just making eBay more now.

I hear all that. I dabble selling now honestly. I dip my foot. Sell something here and there. Then I remember how much of a pain in the ass it can be and how annoying some buyers can be and I just stop for months on end again.

Alright, since this morning I’ve listed like 40-50 more books, all starting at $1.00 7 Day auctions…

Same link as before to view my “Goodbye eBay Blowout Auction”:wink:

How do you have time to do anything else making all these listings? I find making listings to be tedious and time-consuming.

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Its very tedious… I first took the pics and then worked through the listings going in order of my photos… I spent way too much time sorting and listing books this weekend but I was going to do outside work but it was rainy…

What I’m truly dreading is almost all of them next weekend so I’ll be packing them all next weekend…