Poyo's Spec and Picks for November 1st/2nd, 2022



  • That Predator cover by Sakai is amazing.

  • Bendis’ creator-owned stuff is not better than a chunk of his work at Marvel. His team books were iffy series but his, “Alias,” and, “Daredevil,” plus his work on, “Ultimate Spider-Man,” were amazing.

  • That Ghost Rider homage is clever.

Daredevil ad Ultimate Spider-Man were good… but Alias was meh… he doesn’t write women very well. He needs to stick to Powers type of stories I think.

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I think Alias was great, along with the first few years of Ult Spidey and his DD run. Avengers was ok, everything else pretty bad.

Fruiting Bodies was at my store a week or two ago. Its a decent horror story.

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Hmmm… odd. Midtown has it listed for this week.

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If I wasn’t living between your cabinets… :wink:

Yeah, it was a fantastic comic. I reviewed it for my blog:

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MCS doesn’t seem to have a price Problem…

BM129 foil sold out quick at MCS.

Joker 2 foil still available.

Interesting it’s the opposite at Midtown.

Both are still available at TFAW:

Batman #129 (Cover D – Ryan Benjamin 90s Cover Month Foil Multi-Level Embossed Card Stock Variant)
Joker the Man Who Stopped Laughing #2 (Cover D – Kelley Jones 90s Cover Month Foil Multi-Level Embossed Variant)

Have you actually tried to add them, turd muffin?

This is TFAW. It’s not “available” unless you can actually add it.

FYI Batman 129 leads up to Batman’s death in #130

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No, I don’t add books I don’t want to actually buy myself, turd muffin!

Wait, Batman dying? Again?

Oh no! For how long?

Made it one page into The Ones before dropping it

Yeah, that bad?