Pretty messed up, but Black Panther #5 2009 first full Shuri as Black Panther

Selling really really hot right now. I couldn’t believe the news when my sister called me while I was leaving work last night. I knew immediately that they would never recast TChalla and I look on eBay and turns out a lot of people thought the same thing. Sucks a death is essentially driving spec sales. But this is the stuff we talk about here so…

That was a bad link. Here is the correct link to sold listings:

EDIT 2: UGH I hate my phone. Not sure if either of those links are showing ALL of the sold listings from yesterday or today. You’ll have to research the “ended recently” filter option if they don’t brink up the whole lot, cuz there’s a ton. My apologies gang.

Is that real or are some of these shill buys, trying to pump and dump?

Book had sales in $30 range a few weeks ago…now $150? There are some sitting at $80 or so.

I have this book in NM+ condition…I think it actually has even more potential as eventually Shuri as BP will make it to the MCU. So I’m holding for now.

Didn’t even realize it had fallen as hard as it did. Anything $30 and lower was a steal before this news…


bp #2 hit 800 for a 9.8 today, will likely be 1k+ soon

And then it will dive back down after the shock passes. But you’re seeing the potential it has right now.

One to watch down the road when hype disappears.

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Like Captain marvel 17 2nd print, black panther 1 w her on the cover as BP will see big gains. It was already trending up the past few weeks.

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Tasteless thread … :poop:

Capitalism is tasteless at it’s essence.
This type of speculation is pretty common among speculation communities after real life stuff happens.

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Boring comment

If I sell any Black Panther books, I’m gonna donate all the money made to St. Judes. I don’t like people making profit over a death… it is very tasteless if you ask me.

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Youre damn right it’s tasteless. The current market is insanity.

Good luck with that spec, I’m not going to buy any though.

So what’s the appropriate mourning period before I should list my BP5?

(Not that I’m going to…curious what’s appropriate).

You shouldn’t list it. I will give you my address to dispose of it. I will even cover your shipping. :wink:


The speculation market responds to all kinds of news and this is no exception. You can feel terrible about the news, realize a limited selling window just opened up, and still be a good person.


IDK… A couple of weeks I suppose… I guess im not the type to rush out and list my crap thats related to the person that just passed away.

It’s sad he died and at such a young age. Really sad and my thoughts go out to the family. I don’t think it’s in bad taste to buy or sell any of those books currently though.

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I avoid speculating on death, but if people want to that’s their choice. I’m in some Facebook groups and they have banned anything Black Panther-related for a week. I find this interesting, as Boseman was real but Black Panther was simply a character he played–amazingly, of course. By their logic anything with Jackie Robinson or Thurgood Marshall should be forbidden from any groups. Those were real people he portrayed, but you see my point.

I had a black panther book that was in my eBay for months and it sold yesterday. I didn’t know why till my wife told me what happened. It sucks for speculators to go all crazy for when a person dies. I have never speculated on a death and don’t plan to. May he rest in peace as he was such a great actor.

There was a lot of spec after Stan Lee died, especially his signatures. It is always sad when someone passes away; I guess I don’t wait for social media to tell me how I should react or what I should do or how I should do it. I would like to get back to speculating on comics on a comic speculation site please.

I think the resurgence of BP after the movie was high, but I don’t see spec driving up because of this loss, long-term. There will be attention and memorials, and there will probably be some of those books that will be pursued that will drive short-term sales.