Price hike

So, it looks like DC books are going to cost $1 more come March. Seems like Future State was an opportunity to kick prices way up (some up to $9), so that after that event when they dropped prices back down, maybe we wouldn’t notice the overall price increase. Sneaky. Makes me wonder if that was the actual purpose of Future State entirely.

I’d guess Marvel will follow suit sooner than later.

Does this impact how you buy? I mean, a 25% increase in costs on new books is fairly significant.


I don’t see Marvel following just yet. They do use thinner paper to keep costs down. I’m not a big fan of the thinner paper for covers but then again, I’m not a fan of DC’s cardstock covers they were selling the same books for $1 more over the regular stock covers…

I’ll start buying DC again though if the damn books were worth the damn read… as of lately, none of them are worth the cover price even if they were $2.99 each…

I’m looking for reasons to cut back.

Cates is leaving Venom after 200. - Done
I think inmortal hulk is ending after issue 50. - Done

And I was considering dropping Batman - raise it to $4.99 and consider it - Done.

Maybe I’ll just stick with High Republic and Thor going forward (unless Cates drops out if Thor). My goal is to have less comics ending the year as I began anyway…dropping monthly books will help.

Everything else I get is a spec book or limited series now. I am not doing KIB or Future State.


It certainly impacts how I buy as a store. DC has done a lot in this past year to aggravate retailors and alienate small businesses, but they do not seem to understand the position they are putting themselves in. I know of multiple stores that have already stopped selling DC all together and are not really seeing much impact.

For my store, DC is only makes up 10-15% of sales, yet their minimum purchase requirement is higher than Diamonds, their stories are just not as good as Marvels (in my opinion), and Lunar customer service is awful. If you are going to add a higher price tag as well (more expensive comics see less sales overall), why bother with DC at all?


Ewww. Well, I will only ever pull Aquaman from DC anyway, and since it’s on hiatus my only concern is that Marvel follows suit.

Is DC also going to quit double-shipping titles when they do this? (I guess I only skimmed their April solicits looking for Aquaman) Because if not, that’s even worse.


Marvel prints on toilet paper, so they better not raise prices. DC is dead to me after FS:WW #2.

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I also am looking to cut back. I will likely drop Venom after Cates walks away as well…

… Stranger Things: Science Camp and Autumnal are coming to a close so that will help as well. Stranger Things: Dungeons and Dragons I think is halfway done? That will be 4 books worth of money saved.

I’ll probably still pick up the main Batman title because, well, DUH. I MAY drop Detective Comics, we shall see how Tamaki handles the book.

I will continue to read Nightwing because Tom Taylor is one of my favorite writers in comics and he just picked up the title. I have to give it a shot. I told myself I would cut it out of the pull list then he goes and announces he is writing Nightwing…

Speaking of writers, Josh Williamson is going to wrote a Damian Wayne Robin book and that has me intrigued too. I like Williamson. I’ll like read the first couple issues to see how it does. If nothing else I’ll grab issue 1.

It’s strange, but the best quality book out there right now in my opinion is Walking Dead Deluxe. The paper stock is fantastic and I feel like I get 9.9 quality books each month. The colors just jump off the interior pages. It’s just really well done. Makes Marvel paper stock look like tissue paper.

I’m dropping Venom from my regular pull list after 200 too. Not that I’m a Cates superfan. I just kinda over it, and this is as good a time as any. Trading that with High Republic.

Zero DC pulls on my list anyway, so this impacts me more if Marvel does the same.

Sacre’ Bleu!

You know Batman exists, right?

Just ribbing you and giving a hard time! All in good fun!

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Dropped this around issue #21… it got meh… even with all the Virus and Codex hoopla…

I dropped this as well around issue #18. Figured I was just gonna eventually go back and read it on my MU app, which I have yet to do…

Pretty much dropped Batman around Kings run on issue #25… yet I kept buying until like #45 but never read them, ended up selling them for pennies on the dollar… well worth it too.

Fully onboard with High Republic. Thor I put some nice sets of #1-6, but went down to like 2 copies max since.

Picking up a single copy of KIB just to redeem the digital copies to read ahead of MU… Future State I’m not touching and never planned on touching when I saw the first solicitations…


The number of people that get paid is smaller for indie books so they can go with higher quality paper.

Pretty sure Kirkman takes small cut, along with Adlard while he only has to pay the colorist that did the coloring. I mean, these issues are very “cheap” now to produce compared to new books. :wink:

Batman was my character of choice back during my first stint as a collector. Back in the Legends of the Dark Knight days. Have a bunch from that era. And, I’ve found myself picking up a handful of the current Batman books. I think Punchline is the best new character of 2020. But, it’s not something I’m getting every issue of.

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All the DC titles I like seem to be limited series or wrapping up soon-ish. I may be dropping some and only buying first issues of some series for spec purposes.

The Phantom Starkiller series has ridiculously nice paper as well. It feels like card board and I have neve received one damaged.

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I may stick with Batman…every time I quit comics it’s the last one I drop…and the first one I pick up when I get back in…I tried to drop it at 87…but punchline and joker war roped me back in…

But I do feel like I should dump my king run and take whatever I get. That would make a dent in my goal to whittle down this year.

I also feel like I should just stop buying new so I can actually read some of what I’ve bought the last few years!

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I’m also looking for reasons to cut back and this is a big one. In 2006, the jump to $2.99 was part of my final push to drop floppies, and ironically ten years later, $2.99 DC Rebirth titles were part of what enticed me back. Batman is the only title I’ve picked up religiously over my past five years back collecting, but #106 is likely my last issue for a while.

Call me cheap, but it’s hard to justify $5 for regular issues.

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It felt good to get rid of them. Saved so much box space and I just felt cleaner again… I never did list my Flash run I have as well. I really need to get rid of those 50 some books…

Yeah, particularly when you can wait for the trade and get the first one for $10-$12. Or if you want to spend like $80 a year, get the Marvel Unlimited app and you can read them all + 10k+ issues anytime you want.

Please tell me Phantom Starkiller will have an issue 2, please…

As for the DC price hike, it is getting ridiculous indeed. Really hard to continue on with a mediocre product overall.

Sheesh…and I was ticked when comics increased from .65 cents to .75 cents back in 1985 or so. Adjusted for inflation that isn’t even $2 in today’s money. $5 to $9 range for new comics is a bit…much. I’m sure I will still collect a few each month but more and more I am shifting my spending $$$ to completing older bronze and copper age sets.

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