Proctor Valley Road #1

This was originally a lounge post I am releasing to the full forum.

Keeping this in the lounge for now as I do not see any/many people talking about it. Proctor Valley Road #1 is a new book coming out from Boom, as well as Universal Studios Groups new lone of comics called UCP Graphic. Deadline Did a story on this one back on 12/19/20 which I have posted below. This one is a good one to grab a copy of early.

Next year, Boom! Studios will unveil a new piece of real estate right in the heart of 1970s America — home to the most terrifying road in the U.S. Get ready to visit Proctor Valley Road .

The series, described by artist Naomi Franquiz ( Tales from Harrow County ) as “a big slice of Americana laced with uneasy cryptid horror, a side of rebel youth, and a killer soundtrack,” follows four friends in 1970s America — August, Rylee, Cora, and Jennie — whose attempts to raise money by organizing a “spook tour” of the most haunted stretch of road in the country quickly goes awry, leaving the four in a race against time to stop the monstrous threat before things turn very deadly indeed.

Proctor Valley Road will be written by British screenwriter Alex Child ( Holby City , Temple ) and comic book legend Grant Morrison ( JLA , All-Star Superman , The Invisibles , Doom Patrol , and many more).

UCP Graphic is a new extension of television studio UCP, a division of Universal Studio Group, that has partnered with BOOM! Studios along with established and up-and-coming talent to create and publish original graphic novels and comic books. Proctor Valley Road is the first comic book from UCP Graphic. UCP, the studio behind Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy and Happy! , will adapt the graphic novel for television.

Proctor Valley Road will debut digitally and in comic book stores March 3, 2021.


I like it

Looks like a nice series , but it is returnBle so retailers might go heavy on it. Being a 1st it will also have a thankyou variNt (if we follow along with booms trend)

Sounds like UCP Graphic is using comics as market research for their streaming storylines? Popular comic series relative to each other get produced?

This story on the Boom! Website shows a Momoko cover as well, if you are into that. Boom story

The moment I saw the solicit I knew I’d order a fair amount. Right up my alley. I hope it’s good.

The momoko is a 1:25 and a 1:50

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What, no love for this amazing Ward?


Tje 1:10 is amazing, but it isnt a momoko which is what was referenced above :grin:

Oooooh, I am a huge Christian Ward fan! I love his style

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Sad lemon just sent out an email with this information lol. They are going to have a sketch Momoko variant.

Looking at that cover I’m now a fan as well.

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They sent the email at 4:10. I posted this at 11 AM. Funny. I think we have an informant on our hands. This has happened a few times where something goes up in the forum and then an email is sent out from certain stores.


He also has a great Home Sick Pilots #2 cover coming soon

Kind of sad (lemon) if that is true.


I haven’t heard anything about this book until you posted about it in the lounge and then I see the email. I know sad lemon watches key collector notifications and tries to capitalize on those but I guess they’re watching CHU forums now too :joy:

Does anyone read the main site? I just mentioned this book in my Indies Previews Spotlight 2 days ago… :wink:


@agentpoyo I did forget about the main site. Thanks for reminding me :joy:. Let me go check it out.

Not surprised if this gets some heat. There was news coverage about it even before it had an official name or anything attached to it other than “Boom and Universal are working together”.

It was a brief mention for this book but yeah… I’m gonna try and get my Previews Spotlights out earlier, I got lazy last year…