Pruning the PC (and maximizing space)

A question for all of you CHU peeps. Do you prune your personal collection of the dead weight, or do you keep everything, including the bad with the good?

I’m about 1000 deep in the PC, which isn’t a ton compared to many here. And, I keep it extremely organized. But, I have a subset of books that are meh. Mostly stuff I bought in the 90s that I feel nothing for. Think Ultraverse, Impact comics, etc.

Do you just hold onto it all with the “maybe someday it’ll be good” optimism, or do you shed the dead weight? My goal is not to accumulate a house full of books.

For anything I collect, I have a set amount of space for it. If I fill up how much space I’m taking, I make room by clearing out or selling things I don’t want as much as I want the new things.

I often get rid of stuff when space seems limited. Sometimes I’ve regretted selling-off things that then get popular or I want to read again, but collected editions are good for that.

I’m on that cusp now; about 3500 books, and the shelf I have hold 20 longboxes…so the books sitting in boxes on the floor either have to go on a new shelf, or I need to get rid of some. “But I collected them…” my primate brain keeps interrupting, so I will probably build another shelf in a space it really won’t fit. But I guess I don’t really need an office desk, when a TV tray will do.

Short answer: yes I prune at least once a year.

Long answer: Acquisition, Possession, Collecting, and Selling Comic Books; or “The Art of Letting Go.” By DrunkWooky


I’ve been using the wire shelving units you can buy from any department store. They have a high weight limit, are highly and easily adjustable & cheap. I can fit 6 shelves on a 6 foot high unit with 4 long boxes on each shelf. Twice as many short boxes will fit. Sorry to go off topic but it may allow for more books in the allotted space.

Not off topic. Just changed the topic title to be more inclusive, as I’m very curious how people store their boxes. I’m about to undertake a renovation of my basement, and I’d like a plan for better storage of my books.

Let me know where you get your shelves, I need shelving. I have 40,000K comics and need to come up with a better option for getting comics in and out of boxes

I sell tons of books, but do not fire-sale books just to get rid of them. I have so many books I just wait for something to get hot and then pull it and sell it

I went through the collection and grabbed all multiples and things I can part with and have 4 boxes of all sell stuff. Most of my major books are all graded now too so it’s easier than it was to see whats keepers

I’m slowly in the process of getting rid of probably 90% of my books. I was up to around 50 or so boxes and I think I’m down to 23-25 boxes now.

I was a collector in primarily the 80’s and 90’s but started accumulating comics as early as the 70’s through stuff like grab bags my mom or dad would get me. Had a decent collection with a dozen long boxes that had stuff like X-Men #1, early Avengers issues in the single digits numbers, stuff like that. Man those were the days when you could have almost every title from Marvel on your pull list and it cost like $20 a week lol Damn i’m rambling. I sold almost every comic I had to have some money to move to California and now just got back into collecting again in 2017 but was just buying stuff to buy stuff. Everything is for sale though. I don’t have a connection to anything I own right now. I am selling and flipping to buy golden age and silver age books that I won’t want to sell

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You can get them from Target, Walmart, Sams Club, etc. make sure the measurements are comparable to the measurements under product details. I used to only put 2 on each shelf but when I stored that at a relatives they put them 4 per shelf and it’s worked fine. There is overhang on the front and back so it has to sit a few inches from the wall to account for it.

They go in sale for $40 at times and they only come with 5 shelves. I have 6 of the big ones and only some are used for comics. 6 shelves will fit with comics on them.

Oh I have 22 short boxes, about 2000 comics give or take 100 or so. I have shelving like @ToddW posted above me except mine is a white plastic 5 tier unit that fits 3 boxes on each shelf. Some of the boxes are magazine size and have about 50-60 graded books in them. Those are actually on the floor next to the shelving unit

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Been collecting since 1985…Once a year I thin out the collection of my commons. I annually donate to my local library, schools, and LCS. Last year for example I donated 5000 comics total to the places just listed. That was by far my highest total. It is usually around 1000 a year. I feel it helps keep comics out there and to entice new readers. Plus it was a great tax write off!!


Making your hobby pay for itself come tax season!

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That can be how we clear out some of the junk no one ever wants otherwise! “Have a free box of tax write offs!” :rofl:

Home Depot has an HDX branded one I used for a while before it became pantry storage.

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Comichammer 40k! In the future, there is no living space. In the future, there are only comics!

One day, we’re gonna be watching Hoarders on A&E and they’re gonna do an episode with @Anthony in it… we’ll watch how his family is concerned that one day they’ll find him dead under a pile of comic boxes that fell on him while he was searching for that comic heating up

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