PSA to all storage renters

So I had my storage unit burglarized twice within 12 hours, once in the morning and second in the evening, both during daylight and during allowed access to the facility with your access code.

Up to 2000 raw comics and up to 150 collectable sneakers were taken. They easily accessed the lobby sliding door with a flat-head screwdriver and second access door to the unit area.

I wasn’t aware how easily both doors can be opened and then the roll up door to the storage unit. They have video footage of the individuals from the lobby camera but there is no camera in the storage area though some Public Storage locations do have them, found out after the fact.

So my PSA to those is, if you rent a storage unit, don’t be on the first floor and if you’re considering renting a unit, might want to check if they have cameras in the storage area. If you have space, keep your valuables with you, common sense right.

Hoping with video footage from lobby camera and surrounding businesses, the thieves can be caught though I’m not holding my breath that my items will be recovered.


Man, Sorry to hear that. I would be devastated. Hope you find your stuff!


I hate thieves. Did they just pick your storage container or were others robbed too? I am assuming there is no type of insurance with the storage company?

Appreciate it, I was calm after the first incident but not so much after the second. As I’m going thru the list of items that were potentially taken, I’m feeling sadder and sadder.

The first incident, I was told they hit up to 15 units but the second was only my unit.

I am very sorry to hear this. This is awful. Every time I hear of a storage break-in, I completely cringe.

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There is an insurance option which you pay for if you choose but it doesn’t come close to paying off the value of the items. I’d rather them replace it than pay me out.

Appreciate it, I wasn’t aware that storage break-ins are somewhat common after the officer mentioned it to me.

Try to look on craiglist or talke to your local comic shops. They might try to sell them there. Or check the fleamarket in the area. I hope that you can track them down.

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Yeah, they defunded the Police in my area and crime is up 10 fold. Need to protect your stuff yourself I guess.


Yup, that’s one of the first things I did with the local shops.

Our DA passed policies that says $0 bail for those caught, no strikes (ever) and its retroactive.

Just wanted to do a PSA for those who have storage units to be aware.


Knew a person whose spouse owned a baseball card shop years ago. Thief went thru the roof to enter the shop bypassing the burglar alarm and stole the high value items.

Have you checked with your homeowners insurance to see if there is any coverage for the storage unit contents? No guarantees but worth checking.

Good idea, worth a shot, thanks.

Sorry that happened. We have a storage unit but any thieves are just gonna get baby clothes and my old cassette tapes I can’t bear to part with if they try and break into our unit!

Where do you live?..I call BS on that ludicrous statement.

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Austin, TX defunded the police last summer. The police threw a hissy fit and put out less patrols on the road. Then the governor passed a bill saying cities can’t do that :man_shrugging:

I had like a 1st edition Charizard which appeared to be a PSA 8 or 9 stolen by I thought
was a close friend eons ago.I keep most of the most valuables in my own house.I have a really hard time trusting anyone after that incident.I couldn’t get over it .I hope you get your stuff back and the thieves get punished really hard because I think the laws in America are too lenient against criminals.


I don’t know where Sean lives but I live close to LA and it has gotten noticeably worse in regard to crime. Police patrol’s are way down and many cops have opted for early retirement instead of putting their lives on the line for an ungrateful city.

Last month my mother in law was a victim of a home invasion.She is fairly close to Staples center. Anyway, she pretended to be asleep but when she took a quick look there was a person standing over her with a baseball bat in case she woke up. Good thing they were looking the other way when she peeked. Her entire area was on the upswing but the past year it has gotten insane. Homeless camps all over the place. Used needles in the gutter and on the sidewalks.Break ins, assaults and overall theft are way up. The whole “de-fund police” is very real and it is showing big-time. The DA let’s almost everyone off the hook which only empowers the large criminal element in the city. With the police force neutered it is a great place to be if you are a career criminal. It’s not BS at all and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. If is gets better.