Pump and Dump

Hey everyone. I have been browsing for a while and like the feel of the forum. Like a bunch of you I am a member of a ton of other groups on Facebook and Patreon. One thing that burns my bottom is pump and dump. I saw one today I want to warn people of.

Ruins of Ravencroft #1 2nd print.

One group I am a member of is about to pull a pump and dump on this book the way other second prints have recently been pumped and dumped. As a newish speculator I have been burned on fake hype like this.

The first print recently sold for $1-$3.

They bought up the second prints and are going to be listing them for $50


I love the folks and groups that like to tout the “Our exclusive group has a head star on yall”. Laughable…everything is so intertwined. It’s not like folks are communicating with party lines and tin cans anymore.

Welcome by the way! This is, in my opinion, the best forum there is. Great folks here!


I can’t say if it’s good spec or bad spec, true or not true, but I did read that they planned to resurrect the character for a future story arc.

Hi and welcome. Thanks for the heads up. I just got an email from an on-line retailer saying the Key Collector mentioned they character was coming back so it is funny that another group claimed any kind of exclusivity on the news. The retailer also listed the book for sale so I would imagine they bought out Diamond.

I read the book its retcon BS to put symbiotes in the 1400’s. Somehow this is suppose to relate to Carnage even though the symbiote was born in the 1990s. So even if they used him in a story they would have to bring the 1602 universe back and retcon Neil Gaiman’s work to 1402.

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Finally figured out what happened to the lost colony at Roanoke. Damned Symbiotes!

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Got to be where the Mayans went too.

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Can Anthony or Poyo make an article debunking these idiots when they claim a “print number” for 2nd/3rd/4th prints ? DIAMOND DOES NOT RELEASE MARVEL ORDER NUMBERS FOR INITIAL/FOC ORDERS UNDER 5K.

The idiot Mathew Page saw this on Comichron “Ruins of Ravencroft Carnage 1 $4.99 01/08/20 Marvel 801”

Guess what, that 801 is for the reorders for the 1st print !!


Yep if a books print run is that low it wouldn’t be listed anyways so no one would know

We did spoilers on the book showing the ties to Knull back on 1/8/20

The CBR article was released on 1/11/20. https://www.cbr.com/ruins-of-ravencroft-carnage-knull-connection-ancient-history/

Not sure how they are bringing a character who lived in the 1600’s back. Dunno.

Whoever the UK seller with 50 copies, is going to make out like a bandit.

needs to raise his price by alot

And lets say this guy was to get a symbiote and have a whole run in his own book in the 1400s, this still would be like 1st Cletus not 1st Carnage.

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Looks like it might be Sad Lemon… They are selling for $18 on ebay


Why do they need to raise by a lot?

and its a PREORDER. SMH


So translation they bought the stock from one of their exclusive variant partners in the USA after hearing the news didn’t tell them why and now are waiting for the books to come from the United States to then be shipped back individually to the people that read key collector in the United States

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Yup… that’s not a print number, that’s the sales number that also includes any printing that was available at the time. This screenshot was from Februrary Sales and you’ll notice for any book, they always list the initial printings sale date for all printings until Diamond is completely out and that’s just when they stop showing up in the sales for the month at comichron.

So yeah. I don’t know who this Matthew Page is but he sure sounds like a special winner… :roll_eyes:


I’m going list for sale a 2nd print copy of this as 1st Black Winter to really confuse people


Look through that Ravencroft book…lots of shadows and darkness…prolly one with three spots in it. Black Winter!!!.