Pump and Dump

I found Black Winter true first… been in my closet this entire time…

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he is only seller on ebay, and is selling copies at current price, he should bump it up to 25-30

Why stop there, just go ahead and list them at $100 each. There’s only 801 of them in the whole entire world… This character might just be the next Tony Stark in the MCU… buy high, sell high! :wink:

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Current prices? Based on what exactly? They are still selling a bit over 4x cover with high shipping… with very little concrete news on why this book is “hot” in the first place.

I don’t have Key Collector so I don’t know when they sent out an alert. I can say the CBR article was published in January. Has there been any real news on this? Seems like a load.

Maybe Matt was catching up on his CHU notification emails and finally saw your article from January. Let the pump and dump begin… :wink:

I mean, I get it…There are sooo many new characters introduced all the time that if CHU really wanted to, you guys could create totally fake demand on so many of them almost daily, boosting interest and even creating a feeding frenzy…after all the cheap copies were purchases to re-sell first of course… Glad you guys don’t do that. I like how this site tries to keep it legit. Make money but don’t flat out screw people over with a false narrative.

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Don’t be dishonest. Creating a fake demand doesn’t do anything for the market. I will say the timing of this post was amazing. Read it and while I was reading got an email from an online retailer selling them for $8. None on eBay and then they appeared on eBay for $18. That made the $8 price seem very reasonable.


None of my local shops have them in stock or even ordered them so I’m not even going to bother with the “just in case mentality” for $18 plus shipping.

new cbr article today cause it https://www.cbr.com/ravencroft-cortland-kasady-knull-ally/

Thanks. The pump and dump game is the very game that ruins this entire spec hobby if you ask me.

And yes, even when a book heats up or if there is potential spec, we only note the potential as, buy here for cover to flip at X amount. Or hey, this book seems to be heating up, might want to “keep a watchful eye on it”… or like earlier today, Hey look, Thor #5 is back in stock at Midtown and they’re still selling for $15 on eBay…

Never in a million years would I take an older article or news, buy up all the copies and then pump out news to tell people to buy the book where I’m controlling most of the market on it.

Heck, I was trying to check out at Midtown to snag an extra copy of Thor #5 and my own article made it so I lost it in my cart at checkout… :wink:


I wonder if we are going to see this ultra rare second print at Walmart soon?

Thats a new angle mind blown.

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So that makes some sense but there’s still nothing detailing that they’ll even use this character. It’s all just speculation around the spoilers story for Ravencroft #5. So they found his tomb and it’s basically telling us something we already knew, Knull is coming…

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this 1400s character actually gets revived in some form or another. But still doesn’t change the fact that a retailer potentially gobbled up all the copies and is now controlling the market, pumping this issue creating a false sense of demand and now readers/followers are following the advice as sheep…


Have to agree…There does seem to be potential but at the same time someone (or a group) took it upon themselves to take control of that potential and attempt to falsely manipulate it. Hope the masses don’t fall for this and simply wait for the next big (and legit) thing in a couple of days spending their money more wisely. At this point I would say just get the first print.

This wouldn’t be Sad Lemons first time with suspicious activity regarding a P&D. Simon has a bit of a reputation with P&D and shady sales tactics. :-1:


The book to get will be Ravencroft #5

Why? Supposedly they just find his tombstone that says, Knull is coming… If that’s the case, it’s some future book that he gets revived with his Symbiote after Knull brings him back… if that happens.

Also seems like he’s got this Matthew Page as is pawn to push onto the masses as well…

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and you see tomb, doesnt mean body is inside, what if he is void knight or something