Pumped Off Wolverine #6

Wolverine #6 with new villain, Solem, being pumped pretty hard from multiple outlets.

So expect him to cameo in 5 then. Ha

Never mind. 5 already out.

6 cover B no art yet. Could be on cover.

FOC on 9/14. My guess is we see that cover on Friday, hopefully.

I hate this. Why not just reveal the character in the book. Is this marvel tryna “Punchline” this character. No hype for Blackwinter? Miles clone? Captain Marvel sister? Idk feels forced I’m already on Wolverine but no issue 5 cameo no lead up. Idk. Feels fake.


I’ll give them my $5 for a cover A and B I won’t try to flip any though.

Yeah, ordered a bunch of these when Percy tweeted a reply to who the guy on the cover was, that there would be a new character in the preceding issue.

I said it before, Ill say it again, BE CAREFUL WITH NEW CHARACTERS. Dont “invest” too much.
Also, Unknown comics is already saying they’ll have their own variant with this character on the cover


Especially when the company pumps it. I thought WE the reader determined when a character was hot.

We do, so tread carefully when the publishers and retailers start trying to pump a book and new character to boost sales. They’re playing the 1st appearance spec game with consumers… they know speculators gobble up stacks of extras… remember kids, when it comes to selling wholesale and retail, it’s quantity sold that makes you more profit… (except those retailers who bad mouth speculators but then jack the price up themselves, playing speculator)… :wink:

Wolverine has been kind of a lame character for so long now. He was the pinnacle when I was a kid. Back when the mini series came out then the ongoing. They overused him and have not done anything original since Origin

They need to go darker with the character. Just need some great story telling to revive him and try to not go into his origin story of how he became Wolverine… that’s overused as well.

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Once upon a time, good story telling sold books… seems like all the craze from collectors chasing first appearances is ruining all of that.

I hope there’s a reset soon to correct this market. I would trade great stories over firsts any day of the week. And yes, in the process you can slowly introduce new characters that organically grow and become collectible long term.

Is it me or is it every week all the talk is if there’s a first appearance of someone in a book or not? Maybe I’m gonna just have to spend more time reading again, reviewing books and just switch the overall focus on telling people to “buy this book cause it’s such a damn good read”… :wink:


I actually think it’s refreshing to have a first be a nice first full and not have to debate cameo vs full for once in a new character. Lol.

Black Winter was hyped quite a bit and been hearing about the Miles clone for a few months. It’s just a publisher trying to sell books, always has happened and always will. They rebooted Wolvie and need to start selling more copies so introducing a new baddie to get the story going.

And yes, it’s Marvel using speculators to sell books. But that’s not always a bad thing. Depends where the character goes from here.

Using a modern example, Punchline was introduced to sell books but she seems to have legs. Designer was used to sell books, they made him already dead a couple books later. Depends which way they go.

Grab an extra A cover (or the B if he is on it) and hope for the best but don’t go too heavy on it.

Also remember, publishers, writers and creators only give small details or the cameo’s to peek interest from readers… yes, I still think writers want to write good stories and this is just part of the story telling, mystery new characters that are not fully brought forth to get you to buy the next issue… it’s the reason issues end with cliff hangers and such… it’s all about keeping you interested to buy the next issue…

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People are always going to chase firsts apps, #1s, and covers because that’s where the value/money is. Just like in sports cards people chasing rookies.

Good reads don’t typically hold value. Look at the traditional 50% drop in print run from issue 1 to 2.

So as people chase firsts, the publishers are going to cater to that to sell books. Margins aren’t what they used to be where publishers don’t need to constantly cater to the market.

And spec sites, youtubers, hot lists, are always going to be firsts and covers because that’s what’s climbing in value. You aren’t going to change that.

But, I do agree with your premise we need better story telling and character building so these characters last longer and it’s not so quickly onto the next one. So a little bit of a compromise of new characters but story telling to flesh them out.

100% accurate and the reason we see so many cameos.

Also gives that month for interest to build as well.

Tis true but as a reader, collector, speculator and flipper (yes, I’m all 4), I would like to think we can promote books based on story alone.

To this day, if anyone asks me what Marvel book and title they should read, my first goto is Thor: God Of Thunder first two arcs, issues 1-10. That by far is the best Marvel story I think that has occurred since probably we rung in the 2000 new year. And now over time, with some back peddling by Cates, has caused those books to go up in value since once upon a time you could find them in the back bins for cover price or possibly cheaper…

So yes, story telling plays a huge role in the long term character development (and ultimately value) and organic growth/interest. When I first read Thor GOT, I would have never imagined that people would be chasing Gorr’s first appearance out of it, causing that book to be worth more than it’s $3.99 price tag… :wink:

And this is just publishers playing on collectors. They know people love #1 books, we can probably all agree that they do this to boost numbers… I would love to just see the numbers continue with great story telling… all these reboots need to stop, they’re killing the characters more than helping.

He is just one of the Sword Bearers or Arakko. Probably will disappear once X of Swords is over, just like the new appearances in HoX/PoX.

So, meh.