Quick Spec: Amazing Spider-Man #53LR #54 Beware Miles Morales Spoilers

So these covers are going to be the first appearance cover only of the new Tinkerer Phin Mason. Phin is a new love interest for Miles comparable to Peter Parker’s relationship with Black Cat.

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Why are they putting out covers when the character hasn’t appeared yet?

54 is pretty bad ass.

So 54 is first app? Or 53?

They are video game covers to promote the video game.

It’s only the cover the promote the video game. So not technically a first app as not in the book. 53.Lr will technically be first cover but 54 is a better cover.

Yeah, these are also 1:10 incentives…so for
A popular title like ASM not all that rare. But the 53LR appears to be sold out most places.

Found the 54 available at NYCollectorCave.

ASM 53.LR 1:10 would be the first appearance of the video game tinkerer. I got a copy cheap through TFAW but eBay prices aren’t too bad yet. 2 sellers with multiple copies (I wonder if they forgot to lower their availabile qty after FOC). I think it’s worth getting one or two copies. Judging by eBay availability of 53.LR vs the other issues, this one seems to be the least ordered.

53LR is more of a “cameo” cover appearance…54 is first full cover! :wink:

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I’m waiting for someone to drop it out there cart on Tfaw. I want all these covers.

These are all past FOC u can’t drop them from cart anymore.

Aaahhh damn… well wishing they find more copies I guess. If people order more main copies then 10s should be available right? Or nah

Well the main copies are also past FOC, so I’m not sure how they do it if they ordered more than they were expecting or if all the incentives went up as the regular copies were ordered.

Ok copy. Thanks… guess ebay it is then… shit!!

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Sorry mate, at least they are only 2x ratio atm there.

Yeah looking now… gonna check Mercari too

I’m not confident midtown tomorrow will be any better…they have this weeks 1:10 listed for $27.

Yeah that $27 at Midtown is like a 1:25 variant smh they’re buggin… golden apple had the 1:10 as $15 and of course Tfaw had em for $7.

Midtown needs cash… I swear I got 3 emails yesterday about their current back issue sale going on…

Yeah and the alerts been coming daily through the app as well.

I noticed that too. A lot of alerts all of a sudden.