Quick Spec: Elseworld’s Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl Spoiler WW84 Beware

So in the end credits scene for WW84 Lynda Carter appears as Asteria who first appears in this 1998 book Elseworld’s Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl.

I haven’t seen it yet but don’t mind spoilers for stuff. This is interesting to hear. Worth grabbing before more folk see the movie and it heats up?

Yep it’s moving steady on eBay already jacked up prices on amazon

Here’s the comichron numbers

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Kay. I grabbed some on my sites where the prices didn’t balloon yet.

It seemed like a one-and-done to me, but they did make a point to announce Asteria’s name. Carter’s appearance was a welcome way to cap the movie, especially after a really messy third act (IMO).

Man that movie sucked


Given how disappointing the movie was, there aint no spec.


The movie was horrible the opening scene was the best part. I’m glad someone else said it first. I think there is still spec for this book regardless because of Flashpoint. If there is going to be different Batmen and Flashes from multiple Earths than it makes sense to have multiple Wonder Woman’s for the movie too.

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Ok first $100 sale book is becoming non existent on ebay

Wonder Woman 3 just announced

gotta be honest didnt expect dc to turn wonder woman into a rapist

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You talking about the weird implications of the possession?

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Ah. The Blind Adam influence infiltrates Hollywood!

yea not only does she rape him, but at no time during the whole movie do they even talk about giving him his body back. if it wasn’t for nuclear war they wouldn’t have done it effectively killing him. so its kinda weird to me to make wonder woman not only a rapist but also an attempted murderer

Movie was trash… and this is coming from someone who is easily entertained.

Not even worth getting into discussion… just… trash.


I dont think anyone will care about this book in a couple of months. Take your profit now. Movie was terrible, and its a meaningless post credit scene just as a way to get Linda Carter involved.


Marvel and Disney literally gave DC / Warner Brothers the blue print for long form cinematic story telling and they pooped the bed. Is it that DC characters just don’t lend themselves to film very well, or is it really bad writing, directing, and planning?

I’m a Batman nerd, and by extension DC but DAMN this makes it hard to be excited for anything coming down the pike.

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Well all these actors and actresses got their DC movie jobs from Harvey Weinstein, so we know they didn’t get the role because they can act.

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