Quick Spec: Giant Batman #4 Walmart Exclusive

Looks like Jinny Hex is getting her own one shot, she first appears in the hard to find and rare Batman #4 Giant 100 page comic that was only sold in Walmart for a limited time. Very few copies around for sale online. This is the 1:25 cover for the coming one shot.


Old spec. If you didnt jump on the train when the book came out, Im sorry.

Still decent one shot spec since it will be her first cover.

Come on, Alana! That was so September 2020!

Agree. If I find it for cheap May grab it for fun. Nothing else is December is exciting me…

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With an FOC of 11/28, when can we expect the 1:25 up on TFAW?

11/28 lol

If FOC is on a Saturday then it would be the Friday before most likely.

It’s TFAW’s FOC. It is a Saturday.

Yeah. I just mean if the FOC day is on a weekend, anything placed for it will go up on Friday since our offices are closed on the weekend.

I think I snagged four copies of this book at the time it came out. Pretty much forgot about it until seeing this post.

Sell sell sell.