Quick Spec: Justice League #52 1st Symbiote Batman?

So even though Justice League #52 isn’t a Dark Metal tie in it really almost is a Dark Nights book. The story starts with the Justice League incapacitated by a symbiote plant like Alien that shows people the truth.

We see the same old Bruce Wayne’s parents story but now with a twist.

Venom hands, Venom tendrils, Venom Batman?

And Martha blames the Bat for stealing her son.

Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League break free from the alien but not Batman he continues to see his future without being taking by the Bat all the way up to old man Bruce Wayne. Eventually the Justice League free Batman but is he forever changed?

Couldn’t for the life of me figure out why this was limit one at some places now we know.

Damn. Jus left my shop 7:30. Had quite a few left gonna go back in the morning for sure.

I don’t know if and when this character will return but his character design is right up there with Knull or Batman Who Laughs. Just came out today on shelves could be a sleeper with a not so big print run, Justice league print runs this year have been around 39-40k.

Well, someone must have said to order this at some point lol…Have one processed with TFAW. Don’t even remember ordering it.

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So is the plant seen on Cover A the Symbiote?

The plant is the alien causing the vision kinda like Black Winter showing Thor a vision of his death. The Bat like symbiote is part of that vision almost like Bruce Wayne never had a choice on becoming Batman there is a unseen dark force this Bat symbiote that infected Bruce after the death of his parents and led him down his path that ultimately leads to his death and maybe even that same dark force is what killed his parents and kidnapped and in prisoned Bruce Wayne for his lifetime making him the Batman. That’s what I got when I read it. The plant is on cover A cover B doesn’t have much going on.

Think the alien plant is called Black mercy lol just like Black winter

Even weirder is Superman’s part of the story he glimpses the Lois and Clark DC run from his encounter with Black Mercy he sees Jonathan Kent for the first time not knowing he has a son in one version of his life.

So Black Mercy in plant form would first appear in Justice League #51, and in true form first in #52 as well as whatever this Batman thing is 1st appears in #52

So JL51 = ASM252?

Jl51=Thor #2 Jl52= Thor #5+ Venom #3

I added both issues just in case.

I went into my LCS today and they had a bunch of both issues. Spoke to guy at counter and he had no clue.

Isn’t it funny there can be 40,000 copies of some comic and maybe a couple hundred people actually looked in the book the day it came out.

My LCS Was wiped Out.

I don’t get it. Batman is just in a dream/nightmare controlled by the Black Mercy. He turns into that form because he’s mad.

Black Mercy is Martha In this, she does change form a bit later. The nightmare or symbiote like Batman is some dark presence that Black Mercy says is responsible for making Bruce Wayne Batman in every different incarnation of Batmans across the multiverse but Bruce Wayne also has to die in the Batman story in all his different versions across the DC multiverse will have the same fate. So what Black Mercy shows Batman is he dies in every version of him that becomes Batman and he’s a prisoner to this Dark presence and deadly fate brought with it. Black Mercy shows Superman the opposite that he has a life out there in the multiverse with a family and son.

I don’t know that we will ever see him again that’s why I said if and when we see him again. But he looks to badass to be a one and done someone will use him.

Agreed. I added multiple copies of 51 and 52 as a spec play. Buying at or below cover is fine by me.