Quick Specs: Connecting the Dottie

If you watched Wanda/Vision you’ll remember the head of the rotary club Dottie and her husband Phillip. Some rumors are circulating that Dottie is Clea (1st appearance Strange Tales #126). A new rumor going around is that Dottie is Moonglow from Squadron Supreme. Both Clea and Moonglow look a lot like the actress playing Dottie but in the comics Moonglow does have a husband named Phillip Jones. Moonglow first appears in Squadron Supreme #10 1986 found in dollar bins and for a dollar online. Strange Tales #126 will set you back a bit more but if Dottie is Clea it’s a old book and also first appearance of Dormmamu so could climb high quickly. Squadron Supreme first appears as Squadron Sinister in Avengers #69 in cameo, in full Avengers #70, as Squadron Supreme Avengers #85. One Wanda/Vision Easter Egg has already hinted to Squadron Sinister/Supreme Whizzer is a part of the Squadron.

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