Quick Specs: DCU Heroes Secret Files and Origins #1 1st Courtney Whitmore

Looks like we have a new book claiming the spot of first Courtney Whitmore Star Spangled Kid later called Stargirl. She is mentioned on the cover, this predates Stars and Stripes #0. I count 4 whole panels one is repeated, one page of back story in the secret files format, and a high school yearbook that gives us some background into characters taking place in Courtney’s story + a panel of Courtney not uniformed. Some are claiming the book is scarce in their eBay listings I haven’t ran the numbers myself.

It’s enough for me to call it first appearance and a full one too.

Probably can find this in dollar bins, prices around $25-$30 currently.

This book is also Geoff Johns first work in comics. A little further digging it’s scaricity comes from the $5 cover price in December of 1998. Here the comichron

I picked this one up a while ago. Don’t remember it being hard to get. Glad it is seeing some heat.