Quick Specs: Justice League Annual #1 2019 Perpetua

So flipping through the covers and previews for the rest of Death Metal it looks like Perpetua will play a very large role. This book was specd on here at CHU a year and a half ago.

Justice League annual #1 is Perpetua’s first full appearance prior we get a few mentions of her name starting in Justice League vol4 #8

So you can see this character is tied to Batman Who Laughs from the first mention of her name. Not a lot of copies of Justice League annual #1 out there for sale at the moment. When she destroys the whole DC universe like a Galactus, Black Winter, or Omnipotentis in Death Metal I imagine people will take notice and desperately seek this

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Low print? Or just hiding in dollar boxes?

Comichron reports sales at the 47,300 mark for the Annual. So not that small…

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Just grabbed 2 at $5ea. Worth the shot.

yeah, grabbed a cheap copy on amazon from a seller that always comes through.

I snagged one as well.

I’m telling you there’s going to be a showdown between Darkest Knight and Perpetua at the end of all this. Which is really crazy because this story has been a real slow burn instead of taken place in a few weeks it’s been a few years now. BWL speaks about Perpetua here and there in different books for years and his plan the whole time is to become a god and create his own dark multiverse and Perpetua eats multiverses so he fears her.
This is Darkest knight speaking in the coming Death Metal Legends about her.

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Seems plausible. I like this better then your multiple Robin King theory :sweat_smile: I kid I kid.

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