Quick Specs: Justice League Annual #1 2019 Perpetua

So flipping through the covers and previews for the rest of Death Metal it looks like Perpetua will play a very large role. This book was specd on here at CHU a year and a half ago.

Justice League annual #1 is Perpetua’s first full appearance prior we get a few mentions of her name starting in Justice League vol4 #8

So you can see this character is tied to Batman Who Laughs from the first mention of her name. Not a lot of copies of Justice League annual #1 out there for sale at the moment. When she destroys the whole DC universe like a Galactus, Black Winter, or Omnipotentis in Death Metal I imagine people will take notice and desperately seek this

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Low print? Or just hiding in dollar boxes?

Comichron reports sales at the 47,300 mark for the Annual. So not that small…

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Just grabbed 2 at $5ea. Worth the shot.

yeah, grabbed a cheap copy on amazon from a seller that always comes through.

I snagged one as well.

I’m telling you there’s going to be a showdown between Darkest Knight and Perpetua at the end of all this. Which is really crazy because this story has been a real slow burn instead of taken place in a few weeks it’s been a few years now. BWL speaks about Perpetua here and there in different books for years and his plan the whole time is to become a god and create his own dark multiverse and Perpetua eats multiverses so he fears her.
This is Darkest knight speaking in the coming Death Metal Legends about her.


Seems plausible. I like this better then your multiple Robin King theory :sweat_smile: I kid I kid.

This is starting to heat up on the Bay.

Yup, they’re building up towards Perpetua for sure…

Just so you know, her first full is in the Annual #1 but there’s a really small brief cameo in Justice League #8 as well.

This is supposedly Perpetua at the end… after BWL gives Lex her name… so first time named and very small brief display… :slight_smile:

Midtown still has Justice League #8 available for around cover. Could be a cheap gamble, throw one or two in on your next purchase.

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Just received 2 more of the annuals today from cheap ole Amazon. That was easy. I know Amazon can be a pain, but once you get to know varied sellers you can’t get some great cheap books.

Thanks for this…I honestly don’t spend near as much time on DC stuff as I should.
This really is heating up…surprised by the prices on ebay.


Yes the crystal ball has been crystal clear lately with the CHU hive mind we all make up here at the forum powering it.




And Betty White?

Found both Annual 1 and issue 8 For cover at the LCS today.