Quick Specs: New 52 FCBD 2012 1st Simon Baz

A little preview of the coming Weekend Specs, book is on the move so get the information out earlier the better. Simon Baz is basically Jessica Cruz’s partner Lantern and if she were to appear in film people are speculating he won’t be far behind. He does play the White Lantern too at one point. You may have this already, book is trending towards $20 for a FCBD

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Probably worth a post to the main @agentpoyo @Anthony

Damn. Seriously dont know how I missed this. Been picking up Green Lantern #0 copies for years.

Midtown has plenty of the FCBD 2012 book

$5 at midtown good add on, they are stamped with the midtown logo though so you will have to look elsewhere if you want unstamped.

I would say it’s a full appearance too

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Baz is a fun character!

I think it may warrant something. I also have a bunch of these.

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