Quick Specs: New Avengers #7 Bendis

Rumors going around again that the MCU will use the Illuminati who first appears in New Avengers #7 there is also a B cover Sentry variant that is rarer. Take with a grain of salt because it has been confirmed the infinity stones have been destroyed in the MCU and if Secret Invasion happens without the Illuminati premiering first than Marvel will have lost out on the two major Illuminati storylines. There’s a couple different versions of the team including one of all Villains led by Redhood.

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What rumors ? Got a source ?

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I38 copies sold on eBay today.

I thought this was old spec, but I don’t recognize the cover so I guess not.

Well, lets hope that is true…Might be pretty cool. I did buy a couple of the variants a few months back for $5 and $9. The seller I bought from on Amazon still had one left so I picked up another for $9. I also bought one when it first came out. Never thought that cover would amount to much. Only need one for the pc so time to dig out a couple and sell before these denouncements go cold… Is there going to be a Marvel panel for whatever SDCC online has planned? Do they even have anything planned? I should be keeping track of all this but have been a bit lazy online news…outside of CHU of course.

No SDCC for Marvel maybe D23 online this year don’t really know

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That would make sense if they made all their official announcements during an online D23.

I guess New Avengers #7 will make everyone’s top 10 next week.

I hereby declare New Avengers #7 … errmmm… #7 book of the week. :slight_smile:


Better tell the app that shall not be named to make #8 the next big thing because it is “close enough” to a hot issue!.. Then all those D-bag Facebook groups can buy all remaining stock and re-sell for $50. Yeah!!!

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I got both covers for cover on eBay hopefully they get shipped. Also a Nm+ for $12 free shipping and a signed NM+ $20 free shipping on Mercari

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