Quick Specs: Stormranger

Let’s not forget who’s getting a book from the events of Empyre.

Stormranger 1st appears much like the Symbiote suit of Spidey 1st appearing as a uniform in Magnificent Ms Marvel #5 there is also a 2nd print and we know all about what Ms Marvel 2nd prints can do.

We first get the suit alive on it’s own with the 2nd print for Magnificent Ms Marvel #9 on the cover only.

Then in Magnificent Ms Marvel #10 we get the last page cameo in the comic, the 2nd print also has her on the cover.

Then we get a full appearance in Magnificent Ms Marvel #11 and StormRanger is on the cover of the 2nd print only again .

Funny thing Stormranger doesn’t appear on any of her keys 1st print covers. This is Kamala Khan’s Venom, should be a no brainer with a coming solo Stormranger book, Kamala coming to the MCU, and the ever rising popularity of later printings.

Wasnt this book canceled? Listed nowhere for preorders

Listed for 8/5.
Unknown comics has the Empyre book for sale on their site

But you are right I think they cancelled every empyre book but the main and a couple others.

Book was cancelled. Not listed in Diamond’s system.

Haha…funny as I sort of wondered if her topic would come up on here. Alana…you don’t disappoint!!

I’ve been stockpiling and buying any issues of these I can find. Weren’t highly ordered to begin with, but I have found some here and there. None of them too costly. The only downside is the sheer number of books that all are pretty good to have.

Also hard to determine which book would be the “one” if the character did take off.

As I recall, the run of 2nd prints are connecting covers as well.

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Lmao midtown still has them Star wars books in there previews for the last 5 months. It’s dead in the water. Those titles had no significance so they cancelled them.

So these books are picking up quickly. I guess you should buy EVERY Ms Marvel 2nd print.

7-8-9 2nd are connecting covers related to Stormranger even though it’s not in the book. Plus the cameo/full in 10/11 2nds have Stormranger on the cover.

It’s a good set go to have. I was picking them up for cover recently but it’s drying up.

Yeah, I picked Mile High and Amazon clean a month or so ago to the best of my ability. Found a few at local shops, but they were never plentiful to begin with.

What’s funny is, Stormrangers actual first is what, in #5? If she’s just AI that can transform her looks into about anything… #5 is key… since the suit she takes over first appears in #5 as well if I’m not mistaken

Yep and there is a 2nd print for that.

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Seems most are listing at $20, not a lot of solds though… definitely a book to watch.

5 if I recall correctly is a hologram showing the AI program which controls the suit. It’s on a screen.

The suit itself activated shows up in cameo end of 10, full in 11.

I believe the suit itself is Stormranger.

True but if you look at the issue again, the AI projects itself almost as if she’s in the suit Ms Marvel uses… but then injects herself into it (later on in issue #10)

So first full conscious appearance? Both the AI and the suit show up in Issue #5… smells like a first full to me… :wink:

If we can have a cloud in the shape of some hands be called Black Winter… I’m pretty sure this appearance is much more… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think of it more in the Venom realm.

Ms Marvel 5 is ASM 252. First suit. Bonds to Ms Marvel.

Ms Marvel 10 is ASM 299. Suit separates from Ms Marvel for the last page panel and becomes its own separate character.

Ms Marvel 11 is ASM 300. First full.

Either way I bought all 3. All important to the character.

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But there’s also the separate AI entity here at play…

This suit cannot think or work on it’s own without Ms Marvel or the AI… (or can it, I’m not fully kept up on Ms Marvel)

This works for me sort of, first time the AI controls the suit so it has a physical presence. So first full physical presence? Where’s @D-Rog at, he’s the keeper of all the different types of appearances… :slight_smile:

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It’s not a perfect analogy but that’s the best way to look at it.

Personally I don’t think anyone will care a ton about the AI program (does anyone care much about Jarvis)?

It’s about the physical representation of the character which becomes its own entity in issue 10 which is why that 10 2nd print is heating up. It goes from just being a suit in 5, to its own separate entity in 10.

As to your question about can it operate on its own, that I don’t know. I haven’t read Ms Marvel. Hopefully a reader can chime in. I looked at your spoilers for 10 to refresh my memory. It was acting on its own against Ms Marvels wishes in 10 before separating itself at the end.

There’s more then just a suit going on as it retained Ms Marvels look with full body, head, etc…

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I think the AI was in control of the suit… think of her exactly like you said, Jarvis.

Do people care about Jarvis? I do… but I know what your saying, people care more about character in costume over anything else.

Yes it operates on its own after copying Kamala’s DNA I believe :woman_shrugging:. Even with out the Empyre spinoff I still think we will see plenty of her. Can anyone else name another Kamala Khan only villain :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

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