Quick Specs: Strange Academy #1

Did you know this is now a $40 book on eBay, I bought one on comic relief for $5 + shipping two days ago they had 4 left would only let me check out with one and then they pulled them from their website after my purchase. Check the racks from your LCS they may still be on shelves.

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some idiot sold a 9.8 of 1:50 for 400 on ebay today. sold within minutes of listing it. i messaged him to raise his price but it was bought before he could lol

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I have a couple of the Walmart variants…might be time to list them…or wait for people to realize that one might be hard to find in NM shape now…

Donny Cates + 1st appearances = fomo + money


Yes Strange Academy is suppose to crossover with Knull

Oy…I just assumed everything will cross over with Knull…because, you know, he’s coming…

at least I’ll make some money on this…

So the 2nd printing of issue 1s pretty cool, though. Might gab a copy. FOC has past…comes out 7/22.

I just wanted a copy for the 1st appearances and too was like why is this so expensive but was able to snag a cheap one. Going to hit the LCS tomorrow for hip hops, and these

Going to check the LCS to see if they have any more available. Last I checked they had a stack of them.

This book is moving too, if we count ASM #365 as 1st Spidey 2099 then this would be 1st Strange Academy characters with a 8 page preview in this comic.

that preview was in every marvel book released that day, issue 1 of SA is the spec and only spec

Not the first preview. I already mentioned this before.

This is the first preview:

Free previews are different than books that contain a preview with a cover price. Not that they are good specs anyways the Walking Dead previews in capes and The Agents only get $50

Same preview in both books. Doesnt matter if the book is free or not.

I agree a preview is a preview regardless of price. If you’re a completionist you’ll want them.

I have been watching this book and also invested very heavily in it since day one. I have multiples of every variant, the Walmart Variant, and the ratios. Fortunately, DCBS still had many of the ratios on their site even after release for good bargains.

It’s a tried and true concept that has been established to work. Harry Potter, X-men, Locke & Keye, the Witches season of American Horror story, etc, etc.

The art and characters in this book are very well done and you can tell some thought went into them. Utilizing very cool, not often seen “B” characters that tend to be fan favorites was an outstanding touch. Satana, Magik, Brother Voodoo, Ancient One…it’s just very cool to see them.

The book was released just prior to Covid and had good buzz. Covid kicked that hype to the curb and it was forgotten. With the release of #2 I have seen HUGE hype on it. I can’t tell you how many facebook postes, facebooks sales/feeds, etc that have had people asking “do you have #1”…and nobody seems to have it. Many of the folks asking haven’t been that aware of the book but want to read it. Again, fans of other genres. That always makes for great success.

Also…when we are talking books that had the preview in it…Thor #2 also had the preview in it. Just another good thing about that particular book.

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71,000 copies floating around out there…lots and lots of variants…those are March Comichron numbers and likely more were ordered in April which but haven’t been posted yet.

I’m actually surprised the print run isn’t higher.

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With the #1 second print still open and coming out soon…that should also alleviate the heat relative to folks just wanting to read it/have a copy. I forgot about that.

foc on 2nd print closed a week ago

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Heh…a couple shops I was watching sales feeds on may have some disgruntled folks…they were advertising it at length the other night/having folks sign up for copies.

I wonder what the numbers are on the Walmart variant?