Quick Specs: Strange Academy #1

Weren’t there around 5-10 Marvel books that had that preview? Thor 2 also has the Strange Academy preview I know sure.

Were they all the same day?

Daredevil 17 was 2/5. Thor 2 was 1/29. That would predate the daredevil preview.

Also 1/29 with the Strange Academy preview are Ravencroft 1, Avengers 30, and Dr Strange 2.

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A certain “app” just added it to the ole “hot list”…should fan the fire a bit more.

The App teamed with ebay being barren is going to drive the price even higher.

Bought 3 copies of Strange Academy 1 last week for cover on Midtown as I expected the book to eventually get warm down the road, never expected this. Will see if they ship in the next 2-3 weeks. Ha.

You can still get a Campbell Signed Virgin variant for $24.00 if anyone is interested (on his site).

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Thanks, I missed out on the Strange Academy 1 book due to damages and I don’t have any Campbell Sigs, so this is perfect for me.

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The skottieyoung.com exclusive is still available as well. $15 unsigned, $25 signed.

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So what is the hype on this book right now? I bulked 100 copies of the various covers figuring it would make a good Disney+ show.

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My guess is just overall interest and what some might think will become a Disney+ show or movie perhaps down the beaten path…

Nice. I hope there is a Disney+ announcement in a couple of weeks, but time to start scaling down a bit to lock in profits.

disney+ cartoon, just like there doing for moon girl. book feels like it was written for that very purpose

Or a live action tween show… I could see that happening as well.

cartoon is most likely, would be difficult to do live action with Cumberbatch schedule. but he could do voice work for an entire season of a cartoon in a few days

They could always make it so he’s more brief in the show and it’s the other sorcerers picking up the teaching duties… and primarily focus on the kids.

I was thinking more of a live action Tween show. My daughter grew up on Wizards of Waverly Place, so Disney knows how to do that already.

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Y’all are welcome for this. I was gonna pick some of these up from Midtown about a month ago and thought, bah, just another random #1. FML…

I am curious to see what the breakdown on orders for each of the 5 covers was. There have to be some that will be harder to find than others with Comichron reporting an estimate 71,039 copies ordered in March.

My order of 100 was as follows. I expect that some stores ordered equal amounts of all five covers, but others ordered like I did and tried to guess which ones would sell best. As a result, there may be one or two that have print runs in the 10,000 range.

Cover A Ramos - 30 copies
Cover B Adams - 10 copies (I was not sure what to expect so short odered it)
Cover C Ramos - 10 copies (wary of Ramos ever since his horrid ASM 1 from a while back)
Cover D Campbell - 30 copies
Cover F Young - 20 copies

Covers were open order. I ordered equally of all 5 covers. I dont think any would be harder to find than others.

cover A and the 1:50 will be the winners