Ram V & Albuquerque Take on 'Tec

DC Comics has announced that Ram V is taking over the writing reigns from Mariko Tamaki on Detective Comics, which will also be returning to a monthly format.

Rafael Albuquerque (who created one of my favorite covers of all time) is on pencils. This all starts in issue 1062 and the opening arc is dubbed Gotham Nocturne.

I’m personally torn here, because I enjoy Albuquerque art but Ram V is hit or miss for me. Venom hasn’t been bad, but Swamp Thing was not my favorite. It started out good then it lost me. I stopped picking up Justice League because I hated what BMB was doing with it and as I result I stopped following the JL Dark back up.

Here is hoping that it is a good run!



Ram’s an excellent writer on his own properties; I think he’s been struggling to find his feet writing mainstream characters. Hopefully this will be another step forward for him.


Ram V was nothing short of amazing on The Many Deaths of Laila Starr–it’s because of that I’m holding out hope for his run on Carnage. With regard to DC, my hope is that we have a more introspective detective in his TEC run. I want to watch the mystery unfold from the world’s greatest detective’s perspective. I mean, he’s certainly capable of pulling off some nuanced stuff–we’ll see.


Ram V was good on Catwoman, and I like his Venom just fine.


Isn’t Ram V a dodge pickup?

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Ram V and Al Ewing have been doing a solid job on, “Venom,” with their shared writing duties, but the series is a little slow.

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A nice 1st step to stardom for a music artist is to go with that one name - Bono, Cher, Madonna, Morrissey, Prince, Tupac, Adele, etc…

These comic artists like Ram and Artgerm (there’s another new hot artist that escapes me) are doing the same and it’s working.

I think I’ll put an Umlat over the “i” in my name and put semi-colons in between each letter and just go by:

I have some stick figure sketches - anyone interested?

His actual name is Ramnarayan Venkatesan. Ram V for short.


Sam lost me on swamp thing but brought back Tefe this past issue which I loved seeing again. Tefe-Swamp Thing was such a unique take I loved it.

Ram V is a great underrated writer. Laila Starr was my favourite book of 2021. I had met Ram V last year at the Comic Con in the UK and I was lucky enough to have a chat with the guy.

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When writers and artists are doing their own property and ideas, sometimes that’s the best you’ll get from them cause there are no limits, they can do whatever they want, being fully creative.

That all changes when they write for existing properties/characters and the bigger publishers, they’re limited within the characters existing story, etc, while also probably under the publishers critique, etc.

Working to a deadline can also come as a fresh difficulty for writers used to working at their own speed, and can take some time to adjust to. There are quite a few writers who regularly work for the big three who aren’t all that talented, but I suspect are hired because they always deliver workable scripts on time!

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These are the ones we can lump into… they produce quantity, not overall quality, but just enough for people to buy in.

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So the duo’s first issue was pretty damn good! I’m just hoping that Ram V doesn’t lose me like he did with Swamp Thing and Venom… but even if he does I’ll like still pull the damn book because OCD doesn’t allow for a hole in the collection >.< 1000, 1001, 1002, etc etc then suddenly I don’t have 1063-?