Ready for X of Swords? Or blah?

X of Swords event will start around the end of Sep 2020. The synopses don’t say very much or rather are very open to interpretation. Thoughts on how you think the event will be or is it too early to tell?

I’ve been enjoying all the X-Men titles currently, so I’m excited to read it. I doubt there will be any spec value, but from a reading standpoint I’m pumped!

While House/Powers was pretty popular I think X of Swords is just getting overshadowed by the hype monsters of Venom/Thor at marvel and Death Metal/Joker War at DC right now. Maybe as we get closer it may pick up some steam, but events are hard to predict. Empyre has been mostly ignored.

From a spec perspective, I believe their first app’d some of the characters in the FCBD. Haven’t read it, but that’s what Key Coll says.

There are times I really, really enjoy X-men and others when it just gets so convoluted that I can’t stand it. The House of X-Powers of X were very enjoyable at first. I truly looked forward to it, but then they (as always imo) had to try to incorporate every single title and character known to the mutant universe and it became the same ole same ole.

Even with this one…which book is it? I refuse to buy 10 copies of varied books to even begin to understand what the plot is.


That’s one of the reasons I’m turned away from X-Men nowadays. Just seems so convoluted… I have yet to really sit down and read House and Powers of X… but I also knew I probably wouldn’t go too much beyond those initial runs. I like Hickman but he can get a little too complex at times.

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I pre-ordered Stasis #1 this month because A - I think cover A looks great and B - all my pre-orders are 50% off if anyone is interested. Only downside is they won’t list many 2nd, 3rd prints, etc

Not just blah…but :face_vomiting:

I could not care less about a story centered around swords. Feels extremely gimmicky imo.

Better than hammers.

Wasnt sure where to put this but idk if this is spec worthy as a first appearance of characters and all but some of them appear in Amazing Spider-man #48

Good catch.

I haven’t read it yet but I believe a few may have shown up in the X-Men FCBD. Iirc someone mentioned that on another thread.

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I’m excited as someone who has been enjoying the new X-books. I agree that as of now I don’t see much long term value in anything, but never know I guess.

I grabbed a free copy and have yet to crack it. I’ve been on Venom Thor and Spidey so much I have a backlog of reads.

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It is my belief that Marvel can be their own worst enemy. They make some of these events so all encompassing & convoluted that it’s easier to just pass on all of it.
I felt that way with War of the Realms & am very glad I didn’t purchase any of them.

The new ASM 48 coming out next month?

Is the high summoner a good character to spec on? What’s his 1st appearance?

@Sean He was in x-men #2. That issue has a Marcos Martin 1:25 variant as well. Still pretty cheap last I checked.
Verdict not in on the spec but it’s a good read and still can be found with some digging/cheap buy in.

I think ASM 48 was last week.

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It’s tough to say right now. He’s one of many new(er) characters in the X of Swords event.

It’s still cover most places. Worth tucking 1-2 away but I wouldn’t go too heavy.