Ready for X of Swords? Or blah?

Last week.

The High Summoner is the son of War and the Grandson of Apocalypse. He is featured on many covers throughout this event. He has a good chance of sticking around after X of Swords reaches its conclusion. Cheap copies of X-Men #2 (first full appearance) are easily found. Love the cover of X-Men #12. IMO Worthy of speculation.

Well, we never saw those HoX/PoX characters again so far.

Peachy X of Swords 1. Comic Mint.

Just finished reading Marauder #15, Wolverine #7, and Excalibur #14. I have been trolled by Hickman… The story is worthless and a waste of my time. So angry now.

Hickman is passed his prime. Happens to all the good writers: Bendis, Geoff Johns, Cates, Claremont, Waid, etc.

Definitely went into a totally different direction than was expected. My full short box of X-Men #2 1st/2nd/1:25 just took a massive hit. :sob:


I thought it would focus on a lot of the interesting new characters, but aside from that one issue that focused on Isca the Unbeaten, most of the event seems to be structured around Apocalypse, Cypher, and Saturnyne, lol…

I wont be surprised if Saturnyne simply resets everything after the contest is complete. :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

I’m still bitter about him just completely halting his Image title… “Dying & The Dead”… was such a great read… great art… and poof, nope, gone…


Are you pissed because you were speculating on X-Men #2 and Summoner? Because from a reader standpoint, it’s so nice to read something that isn’t simply a bunch of sword fighting. This story has been interesting and the latest chapters continue to keep it such.

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Sigh. Was hoping for something more Man with the Golden Gun and less… Alice in Wonderland

Yes, I was speculating on the character. He was an awesome conniving little shit. Loved it when he stabbed Apocalypse in the back. Thought he would be one that could make it into the main X-Men line of books after the XOS story arc. Also, went heavy on X-Men #12 (1st appearance of Genesis/Annihilation, Isca the Unbeaten, the White Sword, and many others), and Wolverine #6/X-Force #13 because of Solem. At least there is confirmation from the writer of both books that Solem will be involved in the main storyline moving forward as Wolverine’s new nemesis.

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So far X of Swords has been complete crap.

More like disappointed from a reading standpoint. I expected it would take more than half of the event to get to the fights, but when I get them, I get crappy fights…a couple of which were like WTF!? At this point, I’d like to consider the whole event a bait and switch. If it has nothing to do with sword fighting, then don’t name your event X of Sword. Sword fighting can still be written, drawn, and presented in ways that feel different, unique and interesting. Sigh…

I was super excited for the event when it started. Moreso than King in Black. But I’m also pretty disappointed with how it ended up, especially after X-Men 12 was such a promising start.

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I’ve had no exposure to X of Swords so far, but picked up Wolverine #7 today because it’s a pull book for me and it had the sword/beer/skull cover which is pretty hard to resist. Hopefully the tie-in isn’t so over the top that I’m lost just reading Wolverine.

Dun worry it will be equally crappy no matter where u start. Think of it as House/Powers of X being the first few seasons of Game of Thrones and X of Swords being the final season of GoT.

I never watched, “Game of Thrones,” as fantasy isn’t usually my bag. I prefer sci-fi. I’ve been digging, “Westworld,” even though it has lost some luster. The cast is just so good even when the content isn’t the best at least the acting is awesome.

Ya WW had a great 1st season, pretty decent still.

Well if u like Sci-fi, then HoX/PoX was Matrix and this is Matrix 3.