Rick and Morty

I don’t ask for much in life. But one of those things I need is the promise of new Rick and Morty episodes.

With Adult Swim punting Justin Roiland from the show after his domestic charges, how the hell will they continue? They claim his voice work will be re-cast, but he’s the voice of Rick and Morty?!?!?!? How?

Anyone else mourning the potential loss of the show?

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I am. I think they need to wait until convicted or proven guilty before they make moves.


this is definitely a bummer. i agree, i wouldn’t make any moves except postpone the show. but seems he’s got history…

Its guilty until proven innocent nowadays.


Sounds like there’s history and evidence here. No employer would stand for that behavior. I bet they’ve been concerned for a while.

I just don’t know how you pull that show off without that voice.

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I’ve never even watched the show but I think waiting until he was convicted would be the way to go in these situations. As well I bet there are thousands of people who could do the voices he does.

Yeah I was very sad to hear this. He’s the co-creator and voices ~75% of the voices in the show. I think it was a very hasty move on adult swim’s part, with doing it based on only charges… If they end up dropped/settled or in Justin’s favor, they burned that bridge for no reason.

I think they also had them renewed through like 10 seasons, so I believe they’re still on the hook for another 4 seasons - are they just buying him out of the contract? I don’t know how well 4 seasons without him will go, much less even just the next one.

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I do often wonder, in all cases where charges are brought up on anyone in the limelight and subsequently fired - do they ever go back if that individual is cleared of charges or not guilty verdict?
I can’t think of any off-hand.

It’s a slippery slope topic with many valid arguments for and against; but in the end I wonder if companies ever go back and re-hire or re-establish an individual dependent on the final result.

James Gunn is one. But obviously it burnt some bridges with him since he’s head of DC now.

I guess it’s actually different since his was just old tweets, sorry.

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I think from and outside perspective, this looks hasty. But, I’d be willing to bet there is way more here than we know about. Adult Swim isn’t going to tank one of their most popular shows on a hunch.

But, I’m sure we’ll get more visibility over the next few months.


Correct me if I’m wrong please, but didn’t that fellow who always hosted the Walking Dead after shows go through a big ordeal, tons of blacklisting, loss of job, and grief, and in the end…innocent and a bunch of apologies made to him? He was also reinstated.

He’s not guilty, they just have standards. It’s a right to work in most places and states. Do something stupid, guilty or innocent, the employer doesn’t want to deal with the backlash or drama (especially when such employees are in the spotlight as celebrities, etc), so they let you go. I would do the same as an employer. I don’t want employee personal issues invading my workplace with drama, so I would release the drama to focus on what the business is trying to accomplish.

Pretty sure as a nobody myself, if I got charged with a crime and I was going to spend a lot of time with legal stuff, I’d get fired too. The employer doesn’t need that headache so they did the right thing, let the headache go to move on…

So what you’re saying is that if someone wants to totally screw another person over they can just make up an allegation and send it off to the person’s employer? Suddenly he or she (usually he) is out of a job, has future employment opportunities severly hindered, and is publicly jaded. Unless of course you’re well connected in Washington or a “Comedian”.

I’m not a comedian by trade, but I tell a lot of jokes. I’ve never joked about hurting women or children. Why does Silverman and the like get a pass??

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Before we go too far down the path of “do felony abuse charges merit losing your job,” I’ll try to redirect back to my original post’s intent. To mourn what may be the loss of a great show. Maybe they keep it going without a beat, but that seems unlikely. Hope I’m wrong.

Anyone collect volume 1 of this comic? Those first 5-10 issues seem to have held value pretty well. Volume 2 started today, coincidentally. I grabbed a copy of the A cover.

Well, if these are trumped up charges then fans need to let the studio know exactly how they feel. That’s the only way the higher ups will know. Hundreds of thousands of fans let it be known they want him back they have to voice it! Loud!..IF the charges aren’t Trumped up and they are accurate, the guy has issues and it is what it is.

Like BatmanFan said it is guilty until proven innocent these days. Also, forget forgiveness and making amends. Those are only bullet points to make people sound empathetic. Either way you look at it, it is a sad event. I doubt it is completely played out though.

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Saying something about someone and someone actually getting charges against them with restraining orders are completely different scenarios and situations. But that wasn’t my point I brought forth.

We live in a world where even if it’s not job related, people assume guilty before innocent when arrested or charged all too often. This goes beyond the employment stance which is completely different situation. You seem to lack what I was trying to bring forth and went the extra mile in your argument fallacies.

I’ll repeat myself, the studio and production company let him go to relieve themselves of the drama that will surround the creator. They didn’t cast guilty or innocent, it’s actually an act of staying neutral in a sense to move on from the situation the creator has landed himself in.

You really need to stay on point at times, you seem to go off into the wild…

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Also, most don’t realize that these creators and entertainers sign contracts that allow the production companies to fire them with cause under these circumstances. I’d imagine that might be the actual case here. You got arrested or charged with something, that’s against our policy you agreed do when coming on under contract… so we have to let you go.

In the end, it’s still just a simple way for them to not choose sides and move on from the situation. You stand by your worker who’s been accused or charged with something, they go down, you look bad. If they’re innocent, good for them but you still dodged the negative publicity by letting them go and moving on.


This might be very true. I still don’t know how they intend to move forward successfully though. I certainly don’t know all the facts but it was looking like it could have potentially cleaned up fairly well.

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Because they have a product they believe in and people have very short attention spans nowadays. Once the media gets tired of covering Justin R. drama, people will forget more than likely. A Kardashian can fart and everyone diverts their attention that way instead…

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