RIP Chadwick Boseman

Wow. Had no idea he was ill.

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Unbelievable!!! I thought that he looked really thin in his last couple of interviews.

RIP King.


Very sad news. 2020 has been a total disaster


I just saw the news and was gonna post. So sad. So young.

Colon cancer doesn’t mess around.

bp2 selling like wild fire on ebay, people buying up shuri

I ain’t specing on someone’s death we all got to be better than that

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RIP to the KING!!!

Very sad. Way too young. F cancer. Wakanda Forever.

Crazy to think he’s been battling since 2016 and filmed Black Panther while sick.

That is unbelievable and truly awful! He played the part perfectly. RIP…and as Comp82 stated, “F” cancer!

Very sad… in Wakanda, they’d have a cure. RIP :frowning:

Please know this is a complete respect comment…not a spec comment.
I bought/preordered a couple copies of the upcoming Alex Ross Black Panther Avengers cover. Beautiful cover. Going to get it graded & give to my grand daughter for Christmas. Chadwick and his portrayal of BP had my utmost respect.

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I made a post about his passing for my blog.

This was an awful way to start the weekend. Rest in power to a great man, on and off the screen. Knowing now what he was going through while inspiring so many millions of people makes him a true hero in my book.

Agreed. Sad way to start the weekend. The fact he was able to do so much while being sick is inspiring. That’s the making of a true hero. My son loved the movie and when we saw it, he cried when he thought Black Panther had died. He cried today when he heard the news the actor had passed.

Welcome to the community, TFAW.

Yes, it still hard to fathom…so young…so talented. And he just seemed like a good person overall. His smile was Unforgettable and contagious.

A loss to Hollywood, America and really this world for sure.

I wonder if colon cancer ran in his family. It’s very rare to see it strike someone down so young. Isn’t it 50 before colonoscopies are recommended?

I’ve had two so far and I’m 45 as I’ve had some intestinal issues in recent years. Another reason this hits home for me more than if it were someone else. Mine were precautionary and nothing came of them.

No one knows when the Reaper will come knocking … Boseman simply channeled Panther … I can’t think of anyone that could have done it better … Like Robert Downey JR and Iron Man …

As T’Challa said :: “In my culture, death is not the end. It’s more of a stepping off point. You reach out with both hands and Bast and Sekhmet, they lead you into a green veld where you can run forever.”