Robert Pattinson Cast as Batman in Next reboot

For real?!?! Yes. Batman will sparkle in the sunlight I guess. DC cannot seem to cast right but will reserve opinion for seeing the movie.

Good lord another example of what is wrong with DC films.

That’s Pattinson

Paterson is an older composer

One sparkles in the sunlight and the other looks likes George from Seinfeld.

Lol. Auto correct got me.

I don’t usually hold any judgement until I see it but I have a really bad feeling about this one. Just another DC movie to skip and wait for Netflix…

George from Seinfeld would play a better Batman than Robert Pattinson me thinks… :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually think he’ll do fine and made an article about on my blog I’ll share here:

If you don’t feel like reading it, my basic conclusion is he’s shown he is a great actor in anything he’s done since, “Twilight,” which he himself has stated he hated doing. I think Pattinson will do a solid job as Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Can’t be any worse than Clooney …

If he has nipples I’m done with DC movies…

Being a DC/Batman fan this is very disappointing news. I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve seen any of his Batman work but just the thought makes me SMH.

Welcome Cal.

In today’s Hollywood environment you might get those nipples…and mammaries.

Thanks Anthony and happy to be here. Perfect timing with the downfall of G+ but I much prefer CHU! I’m excited you’ve provided a way for us to interact in addition to the already awesome website.

The problem is the Memes are great. Fans of Twilight have a petition for Kristen Stewart to be Catwoman and Olaf from Frozen wants to be the penguin. It could be a real shit show if that stuff happens.

Yeah. G+ going down was hard for a lot of people. Many didn’t want to go to Facebook or other social media.

I don’t do Facebook myself.

Facebook is so awful, they are having a hard time finding good tech people and engineers to work for them nowadays from what I’ve read.

As for using them to post news for CHU to spread the good comic book word… great. But using them for personal reasons, nope, never going back.




Honestly movie looked cinematic af, i’m hyped

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