Robin King 1st App?

The Federici Variant for DM3?

I snagged one copy. That’s all I took as I focused on Legends. Lesson learned.

Only if somehow the market turns to DM3 instead of Legends as being the first full.

First full, ratio cover will beat out second full open order cover B any day.

Ratios always drop right after release due to the flooding of the market and under cutters . It’s not an indicator on the book itself.


@agentpoyo Yes, sent an email to me (appeared to be a mass email) versus via ebay communication. Says he messed up, etc, etc, blah, blah.

eBay Seller Avoid List :wink:

There you go… I used your’s as an example for first entry…

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MCS will have them next week.

A book like that where the cover has been out a while, most of those sites have it listed weeks early and be sold out early. You’ve got to hunt the sites that don’t list until the week/days before release.

I got one yesterday for cover and it was up a few hours for sale (now sold out).

Another tip is to search for the Opena variant. It was originally an Opena cover before they changed it to the Federicci cover and some sites never updated. Order the Opena and you will likely get the Federicci.

Actually, let’s not limit to just sellers, add buyers to the list as well. :wink:

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I have a long list of blocked buyers for one reason or another. I always check feedback left for others when I get a best offer…

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I do the same myself. Feel free to start adding to the list. If you got the not so fuzzy warm feeling from another eBayer, can be a great list to check to see if they’re on it.

I’m looking at the sold listings showing “1st full Robin King” and I’m shaking my head.

Anyone else order from Fan Made Merch??

I ordered 5 copies after FOC and their site had no limits…I put in 100,000 copies and right up to submit it wasn’t going to stop me…

Should be interesting. As of right now I could have 6 copies…or zero.

I got my 10 copies from TOSS just now. They are all 9.6s in my book, so probably 9.8s by CGC’s standards. I couldn’t be happier with TOSS.

I wouldn’t order from that site… it’s got “sketchy as shit” all over it…

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Yeah…kind of regretting it after I did (a few weeks back). I’ll be sure to post my lessons learned on the report card thread!

I ordered two copies some time ago from Toywiz (listed as the Opena Variant). Never dealt with them but hopeful.

I did they show shipped and the listing said out of stock a couple days ago.

Is that for Legends or Death Metal 3 Federici? I only ordered DM3. Got the text confirmation immediately but not anything else.

Also noticed they now say Out of Stock.

On another note I ordered a TT12 Foil 9.8’for $125, only to have the shop cancel the order, no explanation.

I found it odd that I could Could order an unlimited number at that price (entered 1000)…so I suspected something was up.

Well good for you they cancelled let me save you some money.


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