Robin King 1st App?

Back in stock here at almost three times the original price.

TFAW just sent me an email saying they had “ we had a number of damages with our initial shipment of that title”.

I am not happy - at all. May need to shift my business elsewhere.

Did they cancel your order? Was it the correct listing or the incorrect one?

If they didn’t cancel it, you may still get it.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten an email from them about damages. I have noticed less then I ordered processed before, I emailed them and they said they had damages. It stayed in my preorders and then a week or two later it processed with my next order. I have weekly preorders with them so it might be handled differently then a single order.

No cancels yet. Both listing are ‘damaged’. I sent a direct email to them as I am not happy. I pre-ordered correctly. Other people I know got theirs processed correctly from TFAW. Yet mine were damaged. I spoke my mind and as a new customer it does not show how reputable a business when I am the one screwed.

With $5 shipping

They likely filled orders by order date.

While mine processed, I ordered mine on 5/30.

I wouldn’t go nuclear yet, damages do happen. And as I mentioned they have sent me books a week or two later after they got their damage replacements in.

I’d much rather a retailer do it that way, then mail me damaged books as some do.

UCS fullfilled my reorder for 25 additional copies of Death Metal Legends. Will be getting them on next weeks delivery.

I get it. Really. Still pissed. I commit to buy - they should have issues. I bet the company will fulfill on it. I sent an email expressing my frustration, and that is what I should do as a customer honestly. They need to know I am not happy. Hopefully I see my issues.

UCS? Maybe I am missing something. :wink:

For what it’s worth, they’ve been great service with me. Much better service then I’ve gotten with others like Midtown and Unknown.

Best of luck.

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Yeah, always see how they take care of you first. It happens.

I don’t shop at MyComicShop anymore cause long ago, they had on their website “No comic arrives damaged, if it does, we’ll take care of the problem”. Deep into their shipping page, if you select economy, they claimed they’re not responsible for damages, all sales final.

So yeah, complete double standard right? So I got bought a comic and it arrived poorly packaged and damaged so badly that it was just a tosser book. Before it got tossed, I contacted them. They’re immediate response was, I paid for economy and pointed out the fine print that all sales final, sorry.

So I respond to them and point out on the other page where it said, “No book arrives damaged, if they do, we’ll take care of you”. That wasn’t the exact wording but basically close enough. They touted they would take care of any and all damages.

I get the response of, sorry, you paid for economy, if it gets damaged, there is nothing we can do.

You can guess what happened next right? The page where it said they’d take care of their “customers” was gone…

That’s why I don’t shop at MyComicShop anymore. I’ve heard they’re a billion times better but they lost a customer in how they treated me. That was like 5 years ago… so much money they could have made from me over the past 5 years… so much.

But yeah, give TFAW a chance. They’ve always taken care of me when it comes to damaged books and pre-orders. It’ll suck if they can’t get replacements for some reason but just hang in there, no reason to lose your shit yet… :wink:

Agreed. I am just frustrated. I could have bought so mewhere else and secured copies at a cheap price. Not paying 4/5x cover now.

And to add, Monopoly above just said he was able to reorder legends so TFAW should be able to get replacements hopefully.

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Am I the only one in this group still without power? Can’t type too many messages…only have so much cell power before I go into work and charge the phone again.

Missed out on Midtown books. Picking up ice and driving home.

Will catch them through MCS next week.

Good news, bad news. I was able to get my copy of Death Metal: Legends of the Dark Knights this morning. The bad news is that my LCS only ordered 50 copies. They had 12 people signed up for the book (I was among them) when they placed their order, then suddenly everyone wanted one. They limited me to just 1 copy. Oh well, at least I was able to get one!

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You need to pick up one of those small portable usb power bricks to plug phone in and charge while at work, then use when you’re at home and when battery almost out, plug in to recharge… I got a decent one that lasts forever it seems for like $20…

I could use one of those @agentpoyo, what’s the brand?

@D-Rog I was without power for about 24 hours but got it back late this afternoon.

I have something like that I never use…gotta dig that out tonight.

This is the one I bought, seems like they’re out of stock.

Portable Charger Power Bank

But you can probably browse the similar ones they’ll have listed…

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