Robin King 1st App?

Mine was from Anker. Great product.

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Still nothing from TFAW about my 10 copy order. It was from the bonus listing that they left up last week. Same with Unknown - no communication from them either. I got 2 copies at my shop today and 5 from Midtown via my account and my wife’s account. So if TFAW and Unknown don’t ship any to me, then I’ll end up with 7 copies. I can live with that.

Multiple retailers are reporting Damages to the book. I have seen pictures of the damages. Hold off on the Pitchfork and fire for now :slight_smile:

Dang, that sucks! Sorry to hear!

Sure they are…watch for Your order to be eventually cancelled and a week later inflated copies Showing up on their website or in store.

Could very well be true…but why does “damage” and “shortages” systemically occur with “hot” books??

Hold people accountable where they should be!!


I got a message from Forbidden Planet that they won’t be able to fulfill the Mahnke 1:25 variant for Death Metal #3. No idea if this means anything for the broader availability, or only for FP - just reporting. There are only 4 pre-sales for it on the Bay so far (up from only two yesterday), which strikes me as low.

Midtown dropped everyone else’s boxes but their own? :stuck_out_tongue:


I sent a follow-up email to TFAW. I was less pissed in this email and acknowledged damages could have happened. My first to them was rough. However, damages on ‘hot’ books really irks me.

If it makes you feel better it’s not just hot books. These 4 didn’t process for me this week at TFAW due to damages/shorted

Patriotika 1

GI Joe 273 B

Empyre 4 B

Horizon Zero Dawn 1

Those are 4 different publishers as well. I will get them next week or the week after.

Hopefully everyone got there preorders in cuz I cant find this book anywhere

I think it has the potential to overthrow Legends and become the front runner winner for Robin King… (not counting those Legends ratios which seem to be dropping pretty fast)

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The cheapest listings on eBay are now $29.99 with most others at $32 or higher… for Death Metal #3 Federici Variant

I just had an Ebay seller I preordered one from back out. Seller=PreorderHQ

I don’t think there’s a thread of ebay sellers to avoid/boycott, but there should be

The Federici Variant for DM3?

I snagged one copy. That’s all I took as I focused on Legends. Lesson learned.

Only if somehow the market turns to DM3 instead of Legends as being the first full.

First full, ratio cover will beat out second full open order cover B any day.

Ratios always drop right after release due to the flooding of the market and under cutters . It’s not an indicator on the book itself.


@agentpoyo Yes, sent an email to me (appeared to be a mass email) versus via ebay communication. Says he messed up, etc, etc, blah, blah.

eBay Seller Avoid List :wink:

There you go… I used your’s as an example for first entry…

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