Sandman Coming To Netflix

Gaiman strikes again :microphone: :arrow_down_small:

I’ll believe it when it happens… How many times has Sandman gonna get made?

It’s ordered already.

“Gaiman will executive-produce the television adaptation, alongside David Goyer. Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg will write and serve as showrunner. It is unclear exactly how many episodes the straight-to-series order is for, or when exactly the television series is expected to debut. The report claims that the Netflix deal will partially “provide a financial windfall” to Warner Bros., as opposed to placing the series on its upcoming streaming service.”

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Ordered means nothing in the TV world… :wink:

Some shows never make it past the pilot…

So being on Netflix with Lucifer I can see the current Lucifer appearing in Sandman.

If the first issue doesn’t heat up after this, I give up. Cap lifting Thor’s hammer one time in an '80s issue explodes; Danger Girl is optioned, and it’s still $1 bin fodder. There’s no rhyme or reason to what becomes FOMO anymore.

Well, Sandman becoming a show or movie is kind of like the boy who cried wolf… How many times have we heard this story? I think after X amount of times, people tend to start giving up…

Can we just get a Live Action “Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld” … ?? :vulcan_salute:

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The Sandman First Look


reviving the thread from two years ago! Nice.

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Damn i didnt even notice! I was just searching past threads that already mentioned it. Lol

Thank god I resisted the temptation to sell my Sandman #1. I probably never will, but I got to thinking a few weeks ago “when is that show ever coming out?!”

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I’d rather a topic get revived then creating another one talking about the same thing.


So tempted to make a Sandman topic right now. Must. Resist. Urge. To. Poke. Poyo’s. Buttons….

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Do it… I love pushing the “silence” button… :crazy_face:

Does this count as “playing chicken”? :chicken:


:fire: I just read the series for the first time last year.

Trailer was legit IMO. The whole scene involving the summoning of Morpheus… the mask… His imprisonment.

Hope the show is a good one. I’m hype.

I just learned HBO declined Sandman when it was offered to them by WBTV due to massive budget but they were able to produce Game of Thrones? Such a loss imo.

I’m very excited about this show and that was a great trailer!

I only have (2) copies of #8 and (1) of #13 (1st Lady Constantine) as floppies, but I do own a majority of the TPB’s. Epic series but not for everyone that’s for sure

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