Scout Comic Tags. What to think of it?

Scout just released their comic tags. Sounds like a new thing. I don’t have an opinion yet and curious what others think. Read more about Scout’s comic tag:

It’s a ripoff for a digital comic while trying to market cheezy “collectible” cards with the redemption code on it. You can likely buy the digital comic for cover price or less directly from Comixology.



I am actually running a give away for this tonight. I think the idea is really cool.

It’s trade paper back collections. Not single issues. People talk about wanting to get people to read Comics, at least it isn’t a mystery box.


Okay, yeah but some of the issues included have only had 1 issue… :wink:


No guarantees are made for how long digital downloads will remain available, however, you may download your content again for as long as the publisher provides access. Remember, the collectible card is the real value of a Comic Tag.

Wait what? I can’t find any info on what you’re actually downloading. Is it a PDF? So if you don’t download it immediately, they can yank at anytime but you know, the real value is the card… right! :wink:

I don’t have strong feelings for or against the comic tags as I’m not much of a digital comics reader. I could see it having appeal to those who like digital comics but also enjoy having something physical; that they can represent their purchase with an item they can collect or display. It could work.

Kinda an interesting idea, but digital comics should just utilize block chain tech and NFTs

I have always been a physical media guy, so this one isn’t for me.

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That’s the gotcha if you read their FAQ… seems like they don’t want you to “own” it forever. I still haven’t figured out what you actually download. I’m assuming it’s just a digital PDF…

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I swear to God, if more comics try that NFT stuff that makes that head hurt…

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Well tbh it makes no damn sense to buy digital comics when they are readily available for free on the very platform that charges u for it. Ownership over digital art IS the future, like it or not

I don’t understand how they say own it for a fraction of the cost yet it’s 6.99. :thinking:

Seems kind of like buying a digital game through a plastic card at WalMart.

I think it’s an interesting idea from a retailer perspective. If they made them widely available and only activate codes after purchase (like a gift card) it would let shops cheaply stock up on their graphic novels albeit digital versions.

But I’m not a huge fan of it as a collectible idea.

That’s true. A lot of graphic novels for first arcs are sometimes around the $10 - $14 range and you have it in physical form as well. Not sure a card with an ugly phone scanning barcode on the back comes off as the “real collectible” here… :thinking:

Hey over to our twitter account for your chance to win one of two sets.

Huh? Never knew CHU had a Twitter account…

Yes, for years
Instagram too

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Anyone order one of those Title Boxes? I want to order the Gutt Ghost one, but I can’t find any unboxing videos on them. They also come with the Tags.