Sell those Venom #3's ASAP

Bill at Economics in Comics has a secret source who has consistently leaked info early on big books. He just leaked the ending of King in Black #5. YIKES.

We know. It was mentioned in the King In Black 5 Spoilers thread…


my apologies. mods feel free to delete if you feel it necessary. thanks for heads up!

people dumping venom #3’s are incredibly ■■■■■■■■, villains die all the time, and they always come back


So will Midtown adjust Venom 3 Cover A NM $180? :thinking: :rofl:

Death means nothing in the made up fantasy world of comic book fiction.


No, cause retailers only adjust prices when they go up, they never seem to mark them down when the secondary market prices plummet…


I’ll be buying up lots of copies in 2021 it seems :slight_smile:


Yeah. Don’t sell until Knull hits the big screen. It’s coming. No worries here.

How many times has Thanos died?


Commence the public shaming!!!


I think 18.

Remember when Valiant said “dead is dead?”

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Oh man, this guys has some loooong pauses where I feel like I’m having an aneurysm just looking at a blank screen and waiting.


Seriously. Dude took like four minutes just to get to the point! Whew. Exhausting.

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Then he says “I’m really concerned this will tank Venom 3 sales.” Ok. So what?! We are all aware that hot books have the potential to go DOWN in value. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of comic books released every week go down in value. If your fandom of a character can’t endure under appreciated and undervalued key issues, then 2002 DrunkWooky would like to talk to you about a little something called Star Wars Comics.

If you’re concerned about it, then sell. Seems like a pretty open and shut problem and solution.


Even if Venom #3 tanks… what exactly would “tanking” look like anyway.
Book is less than 3 years old…was a regular cover, easy buy in, that hit $400 bucks graded.
Unless it drops to $40 it’s still a winner in my book (I figure that would cover my cost of a graded book).
Book was a rainmaker.


I’m really concerned it won’t and I cant buy ‘em all up on the cheap side!

Summer and early fall Venom 3 and the third print were going for $1000+ in 9.8 and then has dropped to above $300

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this right here! for sure he is coming back

Not sure why this is surprising, Cates is pretty much a Villain Serial Killer, it was expected.