Shang Chi Post Credits Scenes Spoilers BEWARE!

Shang-Chi post-credits scenes

Mid-credits scene:

First post credit scene is Wong with Shang-Chi [Simu Liu[ and Katy [Awkwafina] in the Sanctum. They are talking with Bruce Banner [Mark Ruffalo] (human form, not professor hulk) and Captain Marvel [Brie Larson] (has long hair now) and they talk about the Ten Rings as a power just showing up and how there’s other things in the universe they must not know about. Bruce and Carol are there using the same kind of hologram tech Natasha uses to talk with them in Endgame They also mention that there’s something in the Ten Rings acting as a beacon sending a signal. When Katy and Shang ask where it’s sending to, Cap Marvel gets a message and she and Bruce leave. Bruce is also still wearing a sling. Wong basically says to them ‘welcome to the team’ and it ends with the three of them going to karaoke and singing Hotel California.

Shang-Chi post-credits scene

Also, did Wong just anoint Shang-Chi and Katy as Avengers? Or are they just handy wizard helpers? Could this be a different team? The plot leak tells us that Wong is actually friendly with a certain Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) despite their surprising face-off in the ring.

After credits, [Shang-Chi’s] sister is in her old room, someone says ‘they’re here’ she walks out, shes taken over her dad’s palace, the 10 rings banner is now reddish, her gang is around her while she sits on the throne. zooms out and people are training and the base now has some graffiti, etc showing the new leader. ‘The Ten Rings Will Return.

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Ya, these were on the reddit threads for some time now. I thought the beacon signal could lead in to Secret Invasion series.

For Eternals most likely

“In the comics, Ikaris travels to this lost city, masquerading as a cameraman for archaeologist Dr. Daniel Damian, to find the Cosmic Beacon that would alert him to the Celestials’ Fourth Host arrival. The Deviants, who were also after the beacon, could get there first, use it in the movie to speed up the Celestials’ arrival on Earth, and it would be up to the Eternals to stop them. Adapting this story would enable Salma Hayak to feature prominently as Ajak and, judging by set photos supposedly taken at Pinewood Studios where the movie is being filmed, it appears that an Incan temple is being built for this very purpose.”


The Mid Credits Scene I think sets up Captain Marvel 2 and shows us Hulk will be in the movie. This most likely means we will get Moonstone as the villain if they are putting Banner in a Captain Marvel movie.

Banner being injured and Cap Marvel having long hair both point to Moonstone as well. She’s strong enough to injure Hulk and in comics a major Hulk villain and also Carol’s biggest villain. Moonstone has long hair and at one point pretends to be Ms Marvel they both have the same hair in the comics when this happens.

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That would be nice. Have a bunch of her first.

Movie almost follows 2020 Shang-Chi books. Ten Rings = Five Weapons Society. Xialing = Sister Hammer. At least I saw parallels there.

She pretends during the Dark Reign storyline …

What’d you think of the film?

I liked it. Action and fighting were great. Stunning FX. Definitely get some feels of the Marvel touch.

On the other hand, some of the acting seemed “off”… Especially the interplay between Shang-Chi and Katy… Not enough to dislike the film though.

If anyone else has read the 2020 books, I’d like to hear if you saw the same parallels.

I liked it also
Caution statement: recent mcu films (widow & Shang chi) seem to have increasing amount of eye rolling, cringeworthy stuff going on.)

Scarlet & Shang Chi & sister are highly trained humans. Katy is not even that… None are thor, hulk, cap. Regular humans grabbing people from 4 stories fall by the arm on a scaffold (as an example) makes me squirm in my seat. There were alot more

Is his mother used in a significant way? I’m hoping the upcoming shang-chi #4 with her in it actually spikes.

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I’ve edited this post. Confused the mother with the aunt in the movie. Mother does not make it through the film… Aunt does and is key.


Saw it last night. I thought it was pretty awesome. The fighting scenes - A+. I thought the Shang/Katy dynamic was good. They’re not a duo. I like they’re best friends and not love interests. My buddy had a good perspective in that you sort of got 2 movies in 1. A awesome Kung fu movie and a monster kaiju movie. Oh and definitely a family movie.


Awesome movie with some really great fight sequences. There was an especially nice battle between his father and mother which was beautifully choreagraphed. It was great how the brought Tai Chi into the fold and the redirection of the opponents strength against them. Tony Leung was just phenomenal and had great chemistry with Fala.

Can’t wait to rewatch it on Disney+ down the line.

Did Shang-chi’s aunt appear in comics yet? I can’t find it.

I could not find it. Would be cool if she showed up in the current series!

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With the way the series has been going, you’d think she would. It seems like she has the most potential moving forward.

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So they are saying Shang chi broke records blah blah blah but if you read between the lines no movies usually come out in theatre during this time of the year. So it was easy for them to break the box office weekend record for Labor Day the record was previously held by the R rated Rob Zombie Halloween of 2007, showing how few new films come out Labor Day weekend. Shang Chi made less than Black Widow did in theaters just two months ago in its opening weekend. We all know Scar Jo is suing Disney due to her horrible showing at the box office, and she’s now almost guaranteed to lose her suit with Disney since Shang Chi performed worse at the box office even without Disney+ premium streaming not being an option. Will be interesting to see how Disney moves forward after Shang Chi makes less than Black Widow opening weekend and didn’t take in any premium streaming money like Black Widow did.


Haven’t watched it yet but I’ll give it a shot when it comes out on Blu-ray. I’m not hopeful for any new MCU movies or shows because it’s the same stories over and over and over and over and over again. They need to do something completely different to keep my attention.