Shang Chi Post Credits Scenes Spoilers BEWARE!

Well, it was a great movie and did do well for it’s slated release date. The Covid Delta variant was also prolific and rampant, so that must have dampened numbers somewhat.

All in all, I think there were good numbers to break the record all things considered. Also, I didn’t see much marketing around the movie, but maybe it was just my area. It did almost TRIPLE the last record, so that seems significant.

As for the Scarjo suit, I am sure it will settle itself out as most rich people/big company problems do, as long as it doesn’t affect my Disney+ sub fees. : P Wouldn’t mind seeing her in a future Star Wars or Disney movie. I never thought the same day streaming release date was a good idea (except during the pandemic), mainly because of piracy.

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Just curious, why do you say it’s the same story over and over? Like they all just band together against some common threat?

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Movies aren’t big around this time of year (Labor Day) cause normally everyone’s going back to school, etc.

But sales numbers and “we broke this weekend record” is always just marketing hype words…

Sales numbers also never indicate if I’m going to like something or not, at least for me. In eg, Kanye West sells a lot of albums and I think his music is complete garbage… :wink:


Finally went and watched it last night. It’s probably the ;east “Marvel movie” of all the Marvel movies. Yes, it exists in that universe, but it had a great martial arts/Asian fantasy feel and the whole theme was of family and generational trauma/obligation - not just beat up some overpowered bad guy. Great nuanced performance by Tony Leung. The always wonderful Michelle Yeoh was a bonus. Not to mention Ben Kingsley as a great comic relief. I liked it more than I ever expected.


What actually happens to his mother? It sucks if she’s dead with her reconned 1st app about to happen in #4.

Her death is the reason Shang-Chi’s father goes back to his evil ways and leads to the split in the family.


But the names are different…

When I look up Jiang Li, it references the movie. Supposedly, that’s her name in the comic too.

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I have yet to see Shang-Chi because of ongoing covid f***ery, and I’m normally a first-day MCU movie-goer. I am sure there are plenty of people out there like me.

(And yes, I paid the $30 to watch Black Widow at home.)

I’m the opposite. Every new movie (not just MCU) I always waited a few weeks and made sure to go during the week, most of the time during the day… I like my movie going experience to be great with a bunch of f**kery numbnuts ruining the movie by making noise (the goddamn candy wrappers, can they ban that shit already at movie theaters?), coughing, etc during the movie. I guess I just like having the theater to myself…

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Weird. I guess some of these movie sites got it wrong.

Rotten tomatoes:

I love going to movies in the middle of the day. Nobody is there, its cheaper, and you can just enjoy the flick.


You do know that this will surpass box office numbers for Black Widow because it does not have a streaming option, yes? This argument is extremely flawed and feels like someone calling for a movie to bomb that didn’t and is now trying “analyze” some numbers like you’re a Hollywood insider or something.

Shang Chi didn’t bomb. Movies aren’t released on this weekend because they never do well. This one knocks it out of the park and this is your take. LOLOLOL.

This has rewatchability and if you want to see it again, you can’t pull up Disney+ to do so. Or if you were on the fence and just saw it break records with some of the best VIEWER reviews of any MCU film EVER… you have to go buy a ticket to see it.

I know they changed his origin story and that makes you mad, but there is no spin you can put on this to make it negative if you’re operating in the realm of reality.


Damn locksmith you just like to argue, I’m going to have to block all your comments permanently from being viewable for me you can argue with a wall.


Did you enjoy Shang-Chi?

Yeah, I know a couple of friends in the same boat as you, including a guy who watched Endgame 8 times in the theater. The Delta variant has got a lot of people cautious.

Sure sounds that way, it blows out the last record in the same period by almost 3 times and someone tries to put a negative spin on it, lol.

I guess there will always be haters, especially for empowering movies.

Great movie, highly recommended.

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