Shang-Chi spec

OK spec-wizards. Seeing anything with this new Shang-Chi series coming up? With a movie well on its way, it feels like there could be some new character development in the comic series that might tie directly to the movie. But, admittedly, I don’t know a ton about this character.

The covers feel a little underwhelming to me so far. The 1:10 is pretty meh, but the 1:25 and 1:50 look ok.

These three feel like the best of the bunch so far to me (purely subjective opinion):

First issue reportedly has some new characters


Yeah first issue has 3-4 new characters that allegedly might appear in the movie as well or further down the line. But definitely has some new characters for sure.

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from the artist Dikeruan Instagram. So I see 3 definite new characters.

I am surprised at the low number of 1:100 and 1:50 variants on eBay. I wish Diamond was still releasing sales numbers so Comichron could put out some decent estimates. It looks like this was not a highly ordered book so far. I see that the Ruan cover with all five characters is starting to separate a bit.

If any of the new characters appear in the movie, this could be a big spec win. I ordered 100 since the variant prices justified it, but hopefully it has more legs than that (just like Strange Academy 1)

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the Ruan variant is the book to have, it is only cover to show sister dagger, she is the little sister of Shang-chi. barely any copies on ebay. was cover E so lcs barely ordered any copies


Sooo, how are your Ruan variants looking? Did anyone actually get copies with solid white covers? :rofl:

Mine are in great shape but the covers are far from a clean, solid white. I’m assuming that what I’m seeing on my covers is ink transfer from (Diamond) stacking books during shipment …


She is also on the Bartel ratio.

Yeah, I only have a couple of clean copies out of the 25. There are five with spine issues that are being replaced - they look like a dog or rodent chewed on the spine. Marvel and Image/Spawn must be using the same crappy printer for their books as the production quality sucks right now.

I have a small stack of them I am going to send in for dry cleaning and pressing (they do not need the press, just the cleaning) before grading. At least the 1:100 should be a straight submission with 9.8 potential.

It will be interesting to see if any of the new characters are in the movie. If they are, then this book could be a huge win. The production quality issues and what appears to be a lower print run will make true 9.8 copies harder to achieve.

I struggled most with finding a decent copy of cover A yesterday. Most had noticeable issues along the spine.

Surprisingly, the character sketch (incentive?) variant was easiest to find at multiple shops in excellent condition and for cover price at a couple places - passed on this cover though.

Came across maybe 7-10 copies of Ruan variant in the wild. Only picked up a few but every copy that I saw could benefit from a good cleaning.

I wonder how low the print run is on this book as a whole, and the Ruan cover individually. There are less than 10 listings for the Ruan cover on eBay right now, and last night when I counted there were 18 sold and active listings for the 1:100.

wrong thats not the sister on bartel, look closely at the RUAN cover there is a small 13yr old girl on the cover inbetween all the people

ruan was cover E, and art wasnt shown till day before foc. most shops missed it completely or only ordered 1

Sorry. I was thinking of Sister Hammer. I didn’t realize there is also a sister Dagger. Haven’t read it yet.

I put in a back order for 100 copies of the Ruan variant this morning with my file LCS. Let’s see if anything gets filled.

are the character appearances cameos or full 1sts? Is issue 2 worth picking up for spec?

I’ve read the book - def full appearances for all three - Sister Hammer, Brother Sabre, and Sister Dagger.

Those sound like heavy metal bands…


The scheduling shift for “Black Widow” means that “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” which was previously set for July, was bumped back to Sept. 3. It’s expected to have a traditional theatrical release.

You can still pick up a lot of Shang Chi books on the cheap which should have a lot of upside if they make it to the screen.