Share your favorite USPS tracking history

I’ll get it started.

I ordered a couple copies of He-man & the Masters of the Multiverse last month off of EBay. It’s taken a fairly wack-a-do trip across the USA and back and back again. It’ll be a true test of the sellers packaging skills.

By the way, I live in Findlay.

I’m not sure how long fed ex keeps tracking history…but a few years back I bought a laptop for my wife for x-mas and it crossed the Pacific Ocean 3 or 4 times…


I was just telling my wife that it would be cool if this package left the Continent.

Haha, I’ve seen that happen before. Package accidentally gets on wrong truck to wrong sorting center… that’s what the case is usually. It happens, people tend to forget USPS are all human as well. And the robots they use were likely made and coded by humans as well.

Yeah, I work for a home improvement distribution center so I definitely know how easy it is for things to get off track.

What I’m not so sure about, is how it got to Findlay (its destination) and was scanned in but then shipped off to Ada, a town 30 miles west of here. I wonder if it’s headed back to Des Moines.

I can chuckle about it in this case because I only have $12 on the line. It wouldn’t be as amusing if were a box from CGC or something more valuable.

I’ve seen weird routes when there are big storms that are causing disruptions as well in the path… not sure why they send stuff opposite direction though, i’d imagine it’s easier to just hold in a location until the storm clears or something.

Update: After heading 100 miles back down south to Columbus last night it actually got delivered today.

It was in a somewhat flimsy cardboard envelope that was bent pretty bad on two corners and actually torn open in one spot. As I was opening it, I saw that the comics were sandwiched between 4 backer boards that were the same size as the books.

Although I wasn’t holding out much hope for their condition, they were actually in great shape. Probably 9.6. I’m happy.

My worst was a package coming from Virginia and heading to Northern New York. It got within 60 miles of me and decided Montana was where it really wanted to be. Then North Dakota back to Pennsylvania. Finally it got within 20 miles of me and here we go again back to 60 miles away before finally getting to its destination.

I always wonder if they USPS people scanning just input the wrong location or something on their scanner guns…

It’s hard to say. My job at a regional distribution center is to find and solve receiving errors made when stuff gets shipped to and received by us.

Every single day I discover new and befuddeling ways that people, both the ones I work with or those shipping stuff to us, manage to screw things up. There are times that I truly believe that monkeys randomly scanning boxes with lasers and tossing them on trailers could do just as good of a job.

I should say, in defense of the people that I work with and the USPS, that I only feel this way at work because I only deal with errors and mistakes. I don’t ever come in contact with the vast majority of product that gets shipped to us and received correctly.

Just like I only complain about the small percentage of mail that I’ve had show up late or not at all. I forget about the hundred or so packages that I send and receive every year that arrive on time.

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The beautiful ladies at my local post office are the absolute best. I never wait in line even if there is one. I’ve done a ton of business with them over the years so they know me pretty well. My carrier has never tried to cram anything in my box! You know what I mean! Lol. If it doesn’t fit, I just go and pick it up. It’s a 5 minute walk if I chose to walk there.

Not really a history, but a shipping surprise.

This package, a standard comic mailer (typical of holding 1-4 comics comfortably) contains 13 comics, shipped by TFAW.

I thought they push the envelope (no pun intended) when mailing 2-3 comics in a flat mailer…but this was certainly not expected.

Opening now to see how the books faired…

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If there’s no damage… could we claim it’s a Saturnalia Miracle? :slight_smile:

I’m not really following you on that quip. Please explain.

But it was a nice haul of $1-$2 comics during their sale. I’ll post some pics later,

I also opted to forgo backing boards in order to protect the comics (as crazy as that sounds, Ink lately seems to transfer onto the backing board from the back of the comic, but ironically does not transfer to the adjacent comic if no bag is present). One comic has some impact damage that looks pre-shipment as others don’t have it, but quick inspection all other comics look to be in NM if not NM+ or better shape.

I’m guessing they shoved them all into the small mailer because in a larger box they would have folded and bounced around without the boards…so looks like it was for the best!

I had to look up Saturnalia, but once I did, I got a good chuckle. This def sounds like a Saturnalia miracle. Thank Titan. :upside_down_face:

I looked it up as well, but didn’t follow how it applies to the situation.

My guess would be that Saturnalia was a predecessor to Christmas and took place this time of the year and, since your package is a “Thing from another world”, it would be a Saturnalia miracle instead of a Christmas miracle.

I interpreted it as Poyo implying that he is more excited to celebrate Saturnalia than he is to celebrate Christmas. And if there are Christmas miracles, then why not Saturnalia miracles. Didn’t even incorporate TFAW into my equation, but I like it.

Crackpot got my humor…

I also must admit, I sort of took the line from Big Bang Theory as well… Leonard used it when Penny got a hug from Sheldon, he claimed it was also a Saturnalia Miracle that Sheldon was actually giving someone a hug.