Share your favorite USPS tracking history

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my wife needed another $1 to qualify for free shipping from staples. She added this pen for $1.85.

They shipped the pen separately in this box…



What do you guys and gals typically use as Proof of Value when filing an insurance claim with the USPS?

It asks for a JPEG or PDF. I’m not sure how to transform the eBay or PayPal order details into one of these files.

Edit: jpg not JPEG

The only time I made a claim was for a damaged slab. I may have shown the auction listing and provided an estimate to re-holder through cgc, including shipping back and forth. Provided an invoice created on the cgc website.


I ended up using a screen shot of the order information off PayPal. The problem I was having was that, while I could easily capture a screen shot on my phone and tablet, I couldn’t complete the claim form on either of those because it uses drop down menus for some of the information they require (State, reason for claim, etc) and I couldn’t get them to work. In would tap on the drop down menu and nothing would happen.

On my laptop, had the opposite problem. I could get the drop down menus to work but I couldn’t figure out how to capture a screen shot of the order invoice.

I ended up filling in the form with the drop down menus on my laptop; then saved the claim and completed it on my tablet where I could include the screen shot.

A huge pain in the ass for a claim that I guarantee gets denied because it’s been over 60 days since the package was mailed (even though I submitted a missing package claim almost a month ago).

Print as PDF to create a PDF of the invoice/sales page from eBay of the transaction.

I was trying to do that on my laptop but it didn’t give me the option to print as PDF like it does on my tablet.

I’ve learned a couple valuable lessons through this experience.

  1. Keep an eye on packages I’ve shipped and file a missing package claim if it isn’t delivered after 5 days. I hadn’t been paying attention to this package and wasn’t alerted to the fact that it hadn’t been delivered until it was almost too late.

  2. Take a screen shot of the tracking history before filing a missing package or insurance claim. When I became aware that the package was missing, the tracking history showed me creating the label, giving it to the Post Office, and it making 8 or so stops as it worked it’s way south and was scanned in at the Miami hub. A few days after I filed the missing package claim, the tracking history was edited to say that I created a label but the USPS never received the package which is a blatant lie. Since I never took a screen shot, I have no way to prove that the history had been changed.
    This is nothing more than an attempt to cover up incompetence or theft. Either way, it’s bullshit.

What browser? I know Chrome and Firefox give the option of printing as a PDF file instead of directly to a printer.

I was using Chrome but my laptop is pretty old and uses Windows 7. It’s possible that I’m using an old version of Chrome that doesn’t have the option.

Or, it’s even more possible that it does have that option but I was too ignorant to realize it.


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The Amazon facilities are playing ping pong with your stuff…

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Looks like your package might be stuck in the landing gear of a long range Amazon drone. Might have to get someone to shoot it down for you.

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Its funny, all my orders are messed up this past two weeks, including Amazon. I had a package from Amazon out for delivery Tuesday, they didn’t deliver, then it goes back out for delivery Wednesday, doesn’t deliver. Update says it is being shipped back to Amazon. So I call. Amazon says it is actually lost, they have no idea where it is so they marked it as sent back and refunded me

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Here is one that is just going round and round. The book was shipped 10 days ago from 30 minutes away from me.

Final destination is California, not sure why it went to Washington :man_shrugging:

Here is a fun one.

And this was a screenshot I just captured.

Your delivery must be on foot to Maryland from Texas. those cut backs I tell you they took away postal vehicles I guess all mail will be by foot until the election is over.

Usps hates me I guess