SHE-HULK Disney+ show

Watch out, if you called it Disney might hunt you down and demand the source of this info leak from you.

This show is the Seinfeld of the MCU. Essentially, a show about nothing, but entertaining. Episode 4 was pointless, but hilarious.

Fair, but there are a few things that will/might be important later. Obviously, the existence of She-Hulk herself. Hulk in space. And Abomination being out of prison. Perhaps something on the horizon with Wong and Madisynn?

More Madisynn please. She is my new favorite character.


The y is not where you think it is…. I can’t stop saying it


Suit reveal next week! Cant wait!

This weeks episode was so boring. And why does Titania look like a contestant from Ru Paul’s drag show?


At least we got a “hint” of Daredevil…

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Yea took the whole episode to show that for half a second lol.

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Pretty disappointing episode, best part was Daredevil’s headgear. Some of the jokes fell pretty flat for me, especially following Wong last episode.

the show is executing its intention perfectly. it’s meant to be a hip, modern comedy within the mcu and that’s exactly what it is.
if you don’t find the humor very funny, to each their own. but they’re following the assignment about as well as can be.
my only criticism would be the almost total lack of action through four episodes but ultimately, well…fine. if the show is a great watch then it shouldn’t be perfect in everyone’s eyes. i say if someone makes a great show then they should do it exactly as they want.

It’s a comedy about a lawyer set in the MCU. So Yea, being Part of the MCU you’d expect more action…but it can’t be forced as it’s still a show about a lawyer…gotta build court cases That are interesting while still relating to super heroes and villains.

All in 23 minutes.


ya… and those effects. No concerns there whatsoever :roll_eyes:


HOW many episodes this season?

I believe it’s 9?

My co-worker started summarizing the Wong episode for me and I stopped him real early and said “hold up! How did she manage to get jurisdiction over that sorcerer in a New York court?!”

He simply said “I told you, you gotta turn all that off if you’re going to watch.”


Did anyone notice the end credit scene of episode 5? This one didn’t come from me- another article I found pointed this out. The end credit scene shows cartoons based on if Jennifer’s friends were able to get the Iron Man 3 shoes he wanted. The background shows other super hero-theme shoes- including references to The Thing, Deadpool, Cyclops, Wolverine and Ghost Rider.


I wouldn’t look too far into it.


drawings, thats it

Someone made a 20 minute breakdown video on YouTube…that’s about 19 minutes too long…

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