SHE-HULK Disney+ show

Great episode too!

I want a good, darker tone, drama. I understand we are talking Disney, but you can be successful & create great shows for different viewing populations.
The Boys is adult/over the top & still hugely successful. Follow that model (even if you tone it down).
There is room for Ms.Marvel, Moon Girl AND something more mature. There are parent settings on Disney plus for a reason.
I enjoyed Wandavision as I felt it was just darker & tragic then the norm (although it obviously incorporated the campy humor).

Give some brutal super hero/villain action with some consequences. I don’t always need comedy & jokes.
Maybe the Halloween special will usher that in…

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Falcon & Winter Soldier was drama with a dark, more violent tone. I mean, John Walker killing someone brutally with the shield… yeesh. Heavier topics covered there like systemic racism.

Clearly, a goal for the D+ stuff has been to create a wide range of shows that appeal to different groups. They are trying to make something for everyone.


I imagine the (new) Daredevil show will have some dark tonal qualities.

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I’ve already accumulated so many episodes that I’m going to drink a couple of cups of coffee from my coffee machine and watch all night. I hope it will be worth a sleepless night

quick get all your 1960’s dd #1 up

I have so many laying around :wink:


That’s from the previous episode?

This show continues to disappoint

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I’m still enjoying it but I hated a specific part of the most recent episode.

Why does every male in the series seem like a tool? In the comics Mr Immortal was a tragic hero and he had a long term relationship.

The guy she talked with at the wedding and eating fries with at the end was pretty chill

Yeah seems to be the only one, but I get a feeling he’s actually out for blood. Hope not.

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2 more episodes left in the season, and this show continues to be pointless…

Good lord todays episode was nails-on-a-chalkboard bad


I feel like this show has a target audience and it isn’t MCU fans or even comic fans. Its women, and women in the workplace more specifically (which is a welcome change of pace from the ultra-serious avengers flicks and the Thor fiasco)

I enjoy the show and my wife enjoys it even more than I do. She laughs and smiles during the whole episode each week. It makes watching the show that much more enjoyable (for me!).


Really? I’m having some fun with it. I guess it is because I went in with absolutely no high expectations. I’m just looking at it as a side attraction until more heavy hitters come along. I can definitely see why some are rolling their eyes though.


I find myself liking the show more and more with each episode. It’s mean to be the lighter side of the MCU, and I think it’s working. I really like the main actor. She’s really great. It’s the one MCU thing that I’ve felt doesn’t need to have this grand plan leading up to the next big villain. Smaller, self-contained episodes of her figuring out how to do this all has been fairly entertaining.

But, I totally get how many of you all aren’t on board, as it’s very different from what’s been done so far.


I like the show. Not every show is going to resonate with everyone. And that is OK.


I said it early on, I am not the target demographic, married male in his late 40’s. However, I am enjoying it. Sure there is a ton of cheese, last episode with Mr. Immortal, but it has been a fun show.