Shipping Slabs

What does everyone use to ship slabs. I have been using the medium priority USPS box which is very expensive at $14 bucks. Trying to find a cost effective way to ship slabs.

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That’s what I’ve used. I think it’s the best and only option for most part unless you go with UPS or FedEx, which I’m not sure the costs. Normally the Medium Flat Rate already covers $100 insurance so if the slab isn’t an expensive one, insurance is covered already.

I also make the buyer pay for shipping, unless it’s a really expensive slab and I’m already at a high profit margin after buying low, selling high. I’ll cover the shipping and insurance in some cases.

I had someone ship a slab to me using a cut pool noodle in a box. I thought it was genius.


Seems like overkill. But if you have nothing else to use…

I used to ship books with noodles on the four sides, but would run out of those swim noodles during the winter months. I now have switched to wrapping the book in bubble wrap and then putting inside a USPS priority shipping box #1097 I believe. I then put that box inside a #1095 if remember correctly. They fit perfect. Very snug and and well protected. The best part it is always just under 2lbs so it is much more affordable to ship then using the medium flat rate box.

I am going off memory for boxes you will need to look on usps to make sure I have correct. But I am pretty positive I have it correct.


Yeah, I still have the old dimension 1095s which would allow you to package the book in bubble wrap and place in a 1092 box and then put that in a 1095 box. The dimensions on the 1095s recently changed, so I need to test your method soon.

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The 1095 is (or was? Didn’t know about the change) the greatest thing since sliced bread. A total game changer compared to my old and more cumbersome approach.

Boxes dated September 2021 have the new dimensions.


I always charge $15 flat fee for slabs, and then if it’s a higher priced one I will make sure a price (either shipping or base price) includes insurance. FedEx also has one rate boxes that are free. They are better quality than the usps ones and about the same price.

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Does anyone send comics via media mail?


Though TFAW did send my last shipment with Media Mail. Took forever. Ridiculous.

Absolutely not.

thanks just started selling on ebay, so i want to know the proper protocols.

The best advice I have for shipping and your costs is to figure out how you are going to package your books and figure out how much everything weighs when listing. That way eBay charges the buyer based on their location and the weight of your package.

I used to offer free shipping by including it into the list price when it was only based on weight, but when USPS switched to regions and weight, coupled with numerous increases - I have to charge for shipping.

I use media for pretty much everything but slabs. Slabs I ship with the double boxed USPS priority boxes (the new dimension ones work fine).

If it’s an expensive raw comic I will ship priority.

I stopped using media mail a long time ago, and people do not have issues paying my $5.95 First Class shipping option, with 25 cents extra for each additional book. Slabs are $15. I generally break even on shipping, which is what you want to do. Offer a fair price, ship it how they want it, secure it nicely.

I use to with eBay and mostly indie books, etc. I packed well and sometimes media mail coming out of my area was faster than first class, etc. USPS might inspect and charge you though, as they deem comics as not media mail acceptable. Seems packages with comic stickers plastered on them or the from as Comics or Collectibles in Gemini mailers are the dead giveaway for random inspections. So if you do ship media mail, make sure it’s just plain and don’t get upset if they inspect and make you pay proper postage.

I have done that. Costs $1 each at the dollar store and protects them well.

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I’ve been using slab shipper and have been very happy with the results.

I’ve got the pool noodle shipped to me 3 times