Show Me Your Shelfie!

Sorry if something like this has already been posted, but I thought it would be fun to post some “shelf p0$n” as they call it or “shelfies” as more politically correct. I’ll start.

My collection is an ebbing, moving, ever-changing thing. Right now, my comics are stacked away in a closet because of room. They’ll probably stay there for a while until we move to a bigger house because I’d rather my daughter have more room to play.

None of these toys and other knick knacks fit anywhere in my house and I spend 8 hours a day at work anyway, so I decided to put them here. The top tier stuff is inside a detolf with custom drilled locks and led lights. The rest is an assortment of gifts, like the russian vinyl record cut into the shape of han and chewie and turned into a clock. Thanks, secret santa. We’ve got empty Yoda and Wampa candy bowls because the assistant and I are on a diet/gorged ourselves on the Hi-Chews that were in there.

So as much as I post about Star Wars, it may actually interest you to find out I don’t really own a lot.



Nano metalfigs on mini shelves made by disassembling photo frames. The frame pieces velcroed to the wall.


Where did you get that Star Wars cover? It looks sick as F@$#…

Which one? Palpatine or Vader? They’re Panini Italia variants. There are a bunch including a Bermejo Luke Skywalker one and a Yoda one I still need to get.

There were also foil variants of each of them. Panini variants are super cool. The French editions are an entirely different set of covers too.

I used to have one CGC 9.8 SS signed by Ian McDiarmid with “Have you ever heard the legend of Darth Plagueis the Wise…?” dialogue written out by him, but I sold it for an a$$-ton of money. I still have a slight pang of regret, but it was seriously so so so much money they paid for it.

I love that Merry Multiverse made it onto the key wall!

That pizza break is hilarious!

Cool idea using colored paper in your frames to accent the color of the comic. Great setup!

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The Palpatie cover with the lightning coming out if the hands

Did you notice the tiny Amazing Fantasy 15 on Stan’s lap?

:joy::joy::joy: I had to go back and see it.

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I had a friend who posed a Ninja Turtle playing a TMNT arcade machine. It looked so real.

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I rotate through my books and will pick themes - sometimes older books, sometimes newer, maybe a specific character. This lineup is just trying to show off.


Show off? What of any significance could you possibly…? OOOh First Gideon!!!


Is that football from the Packers, or… whatever that Georgia (?) team is?

University of Georgia

I feel like you’re all just flexing harder than a soundcloud rapper and it’s making me jealous :sob:

I have the Paninni Vader and Luke in foil that came up from Brazil. The Bermejo. They ain’t 9.8’s though.

I think the “Shellie” or “shelf porn” is just like minded people appreciating the displays they each came up with.

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I love sharing my collection and “shelves”. Funny thing is, while the majority of my focus is typically on comics the last few years. My lifelong focus has always been on toys, art, nostalgia. From antique tin toys, to toy soldiers to Star Wars to Roseville Pottery. I love it all. Here’s a sampling of my ever in progress shelves. I tend to rotate eras and items frequently. I suppose a couple shots aren’t “shelves”…oh well.