Show Your Father’s Day Swag!

Anyone get anything they’d like to share?

Whether you got it as a Dad’s Day gift, or taking advantage of a Dad’s Day sale…feel free to post it here!

Got a SupaBoy. Now I can play ky SNES games on the go…

No comics this time.

Went to a local flea market for the first time and checked it out. Wasn’t much of note there but it was interesting. Got some hockey cards I bought on epack as a gift from my wife. We did a fun family outing to a local carousel too. I had a chance to visit Half Price Books and bought some random things. Been a good weekend.

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I got nothing.

One of my sons got me this for the collection room. My other son & daughter in law made me a wonderful meal.


Here’s mine.
And a 9.9 candidate to boot.
Great day here