Show your favorite Horror cover!

Halloween is upon so to help get in the spirit show your favorite one, two or three horror covers that you own from your collections!

I’ll start off with this gorgeous Neil Adams cover! Not super valuable but just an awesome image! Very spooky! It reminds me of Detective #31 or the Homage that he did for Batman #227!

This cover is probably in my top ten all time horror favorites and one of my top three Bronze Age horror covers!

I’ll add another image or two right before Halloween but thought this was a good start!
Lets see some of your scary books!!!



Do you have all night. I need to dig but have some great ones to show off.

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Can’t wait! I know you like your horror!!!

Department of Truth #2 1:25 ranks up there, but look at the terror on Hobgoblin’s face and his business is terror. Beware Spidey Dildohands the Spiderverse 2 villain.

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Here are some of my favorites from my personal collection. I am a huge horror guy so… many of these are horror magazines.

And a personal grail


Verrry nice!

Creepy #1 is my all time favorite mag, but that copy of Scream #1 comes a very close second. It’s my favorite cover by far. Haven’t gotten an Eerie 2 yet but is on my list.

Some pre-code horror and great Marvel supernatural themed books to round it out.

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I actually don’t have much horror in my PC, but I seem to be getting more and more. Does Stranger Things count as horror?

sure!..80’s-ish sci-fi/horror/dramady

Wow! They’re all great but I personally really like Creepy #1. Followed by Tales of the Zombie. And A Nightmare on Elm Street. Vampirella looks amazing too…!

This is a creepy cover I like alot.

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Didn’t include Creepy #1 because Anthony already posted it but here’s a few I haven’t seen anyone post yet.


If ya have it and like it post yours even if it has been shown already!

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Some sweet covers!

I don’t have a large collection at all, but this is definitely my favorite cover that could be considered horror!

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This one creeps me out. So of course I had to get it when it came out


I forgot about that cover! The creepy factor goes to 11 for sure!

Haven’t read it…Any good?

Yeah, it is a really well done mini (and Curnow and Gage got Eisner noms for it, up against Invisible Kingdom, however). It’s a family story set in Japan with horror elements.

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