Show your favorite Horror cover!

Great covers, Tony. My favs are the Satana cover and the Elm St. book. :ghost:

I have more but need to dig them out. That Menace #5 is a grail. First Simon Garth Marvel Zombie. I found it in an old comic shop in Virginia on the wall for $40. I talked him down on the price. Book was worth wayyyyyy more than the $25 I paid.

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Dude, don’t. We’ll have to upgrade the storage for the server if you post all your horror covers… :wink:

Out next week. :see_no_evil: Already selling for $75 + :scream:


Why? I’ve read issue #2… it was more meh than the first issue… Tynion’s dialogue drives me nuts…

zero to do with the story. Sometimes certain covers simply sell. Surprised it wasn’t the 1:50 incentive.

For sure. Pre-release sales already up over a $100. Paid $25 for my copy. I need more $100 sales. Lol.

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No, the cover is in the story… I just wouldn’t spend that much on it. It is a ratio so most shops are already likely listing it at the $25 type of range… but now if pre-sales are more, they’ll likely jack it up a bit more…

I have multiples at preorder prices (20-30% off of ratio). If I didn’t have any on preorder I too wouldn’t spend $75-$100 for the book. However, as this is a site that leans towards spec I thought it would make sense to let others know what the secondary market is on this book before release. Maybe they can pick up a copy or 2 at their local store for ratio or less to flip. :man_shrugging:

I am all about the flip but love the cover. I have gotten to the point where I will just save the image of the cover on my desktop for a while. I like $100 bills.

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Yes but we can also express our own opinions on feelings towards covers or books right? By all means, buy low, sell high. I’m just letting people know, I wouldn’t spend a lot on the book but by no means am I telling people to not buy it… :wink:

But that’s the other warning, retailers watch the secondary market now… so expect some to jack the price up… a warning to others, don’t spend full retail if you intend to flip… buy low… very low. If it’s selling for $75 to $100 and you find for $50 or so, pass on it I say… there will be other books to buy to flip.

I’m sorry but I feel like that baby cover is totally tasteless… but perhaps that is my personal beliefs bleeding into my comic book opinions.

Yes, I love the cover too ( maybe I shouldn’t admit that in public). I will definitely be grading the best copy or 2 and selling the rest immediately.

I’m an atheist and I’m all about eating babies (at least that’s what most think we do in our spare time :man_facepalming: … ) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My local shops never list ratio variants for more than ratio the first week, and for the most part they list below ratio. Stores that jack up prices of new books , regular or incentive, on release day no longer get my business.

My goto shop (if I do go out now) sells all books at cover. As for the other main shop, they almost match or beat what Midtown lists their ratios for. They’re a joke now… I avoid them now, they get zero pennies from me.

Oh it totally is. And feeling that way is fine. The book is about conspiracies and the belief that some government officials have done this sort of practice has been a rumor for years.

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Yep, I watched the new Borat movie last night. Here is a quote from a country bumpkin who Borat was staying with:

The second man then says: “The Clintons are very evil. Mostly they torture these kids, it gets their adrenaline flowing in their body, then they take that out of their adrenal glands, and then they drink their blood and that.”

I was absolutely embarrassed for them and embarrassed to be an American in that moment. The rally that followed was just as disturbing!

I can’t believe people don’t know who Borat (Sasha Baron Cohen) is at this point.

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There are Americans who can’t even point out America on a globe… so yes, it’s possible.

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