Show Your Grails!


“The object of an extended or difficult quest.”

“A thing that is being earnestly pursued or sought after.”

So, what “rare, hard to find” grails have you acquired, or are still seeking? Share stories or pics. Who Knows? Maybe someone can aid you on your quest…

Even your Wal-Mart grails… :wink:


I’ll kick this off…

You want a hard to find book? Try finding Transformers Infiltration Retailer Incentive Cover C (RI-C) of any issue 2-6 WITH THE TRADING CARDS…

Over 3-4 years I’ve tracked down the 5 covers, but I’m still missing trading cards for one of them…I think issue 2. These rarely come up on eBay, even without the trading cards. Each came with three or 4 cards, loose inside a poly bag that contained them with the book. Basically you need to find the book in the poly bag to guarantee getting the cards.

Finding these have definitely been my biggest challenge in comic collecting. Just about any book you can buy…these don’t show up but maybe once or twice a year on eBay?


This book was a modern Grail of mine. I instantly fell in love with this book from the first time I saw it, after getting back into comics after a 20 year hiatus.


I honestly have never seen it at a LCS and rarely see it at cons, big or small. I got my copy by preselling the foil con variant. I presold about 15-20 copies of the foil variant, and used the profits from those sales to buy a NM 1st print, at that same show. I walked around to every vendor at fanexpo that year, with the hopes of finding a tec880. Nobody had a copy for sale. Probably because Jock was going to be at that show. One guy heard me asking a vendor if they had a tec880. That dude pulled me aside and said he had a copy, in his personal books, but wasn’t sure if he wanted to sell. After talking with him for a bit, I was able to walk away having pulled the trigger. I then went and saw Jock at his booth and had him sign the foil variant, that I pair with the 1st print. After Jock signed it, I chilled out at Marguerite Bennetts booth (she wasn’t there yet), beside Jock, waiting for Jocks sig to dry, all the while having a great talk with Jock. He told me the story about how the tec880 cover was created and such. That was a good day for me. And I love having a story to go along with the acquisition of that personal grail.


Now you have to share with us the story…you cant leave us hanging like that!

I have a 9.6 Direct…was waiting for an ebay bucks deal or other promotion to grab a 9.6 newsstand that was priced a little high…unfortunately it sold and wouldn’t you know it the next day ebay had a promotion…9.6s show up every so often but usually priced very high…been hoping one would should up in a cbcs 9.6 on eBay, but no such luck the past year.

My CGC 9.6 looks no better than a 9.4 too, riddled with spine ticks and would happily swap for a cbcs 9.6…can’t say enough negative things about cgc grading the past couple years…

Well, I’m a huge pot head, so, the details are a bit fuzzy as it was about 3 years ago now. Maybe 2. :no_smoking: But, when I was shooting the shit with him, he said he doesn’t follow sports, so, no favourite footy team (Jock is English). But he compared the passion of Canadian Hockey fans to that of the soccer hooligans in Britain. Lol. He got the nickname ‘Jock’ from his childhood buddies, and it has stuck since. But he is not athletic himself. He said, about the tec 880, that he did not think anything of it while he was making it. Then, when he handed it into the DC editor, the editor called him up and told Jock that he thought that was the best cover he had ever seen, and the editor knew it would be a hot book due to that wicked cover art. Jock again did not think much…then came release day, and we all know the rest. I chatted with him for 10-15 minutes while he did more autographs. I watched him do a resketch GA on some dudes GA HC book. That was a sight to see. Crazy how these artists make these colour blobs come to life. :beers:


I have that Green Arrow Year One HC…good book. I’d get autographed/remarked too on the inside cover. That’s a good thought!

You’re not the only one. I prefer Cannabis Connoisseur though. Such a stigma that comes with it but it’s getting better.

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I currently pursuing my grails but most of my high priced books were sold years ago but I’m actively and slowly trying to add copies back into my collection. These are old grails I no longer own but some will found again. Makes me a bit sad just looking at em.

I have a bunch more if anyone wants to see them.


The angst that that stigma causes, is in your head. I’m open about it and f#ck those who judge. I’ve never had time for the sheeps musings on righteousness.


there is a 9.6 newsstand on ebay right now

It’s been sitting there for a while at $260. Not a price I’m willing to pay. If it came down and there was an eBay bucks offer I’d jump on it then sell my direct copy to pay for the majority of it.

eBay collecting taxes really discourages me from impulse buying!

I should have bought, “Werewolf by Night #32,” a number of years ago when I had the chance to get it in 9.4 or so condition for $300. I told myself when I got more funds together I’d buy it, and now even a really poor condition copy is going to run you that much…

:pensive::flushed::unamused::disappointed: I have none. . . YET!
In time. All in due time. But from what im seeing in here,WOW!

Nothing quite as impressive, but here’s what I have. I have a daughter, a mortgage and not a lot of disposable income, so low grade is where I have to be for now.

Journey Into Mystery 84, coverless

Detective Comics 359, coverless

I am a HUGE Carnage fan, so this run of his first story was a must for me. Pieced it together slowly.

This last one was a personal grail. Not worth a ton, but I love The Devils Rejects movie and wanted this one in high grade.


I like this thread, gonna try to keep it alive! Here are a couple of new grails I have gotten recently.

Strangers In Paradise 1, 1st Print

Batman Beyond 1
Anyone else acquired any of their grails recently?


Does this count one of my grail statues I recently got as a refund for another statue.


Definitely counts! That statue rocks!

That is absolutely nuts, @Alana. Your house must be fun as shit to grow up in. :metal: